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Unspoken - Chapter 2

Title: Unspoken 
Pairing: Jaemin (jaejonog/changmin) uke!min ; seme!jae
Genre: Romance, angst, fluff, drama
Description: Jaejoong was 10 when his mother remarried. He remembered seeing his new home for the first time. He remembered the little boy in a wheelchair, peeking behind the man. "This is my son Changmin. He isn't really in his best condition...he's mute and his lower torso is paralyzed. But he's never a burden. He's a good boy." the man had said. Jaejoong repeated the boy's name in his head. Changmin.

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“OH GOD FINALLY! I thought that bell would never ring... Jaejoong-ah!”

Carelessly sliding all his notebooks and books back into his backback, Yoochun half-skipped and half-ran towards Jaejoong who was seated at the far end of the classroom. The latter still busy clearing his desk from all the doodle filled notebooks, notes passed during class, and papers stained with drool cluttered all across.  

“Jaejoong-ah! Jaejoong-ah! I’m going over to your house today ayt???”

Without looking up from the mess he was cleaning, Jae managed a scowl.

Why? What’s there to do at my house? AND haven’t you ever heard of asking permission first?”

That day Jaejoong wasn’t in a very good mood. He couldn’t stop recalling the events that happened earlier that morning. No, scratch that, he could have easily forgotten everything. The only thing that he couldn’t get out of his head was his dongsaeng’s pleading eyes. His pouting lips. His limp body. His tear stained cheeks. His...His everything.

“Aw come on Jaejae, You’ve never invited me to your house before, so I thought I’d take the initiative of inviting myself. You’ve been to mine a million times and I think it’s only fair that I visit yours just as many times as you visit mine. And besides, Yunho’s got soccer practice and Junsu’s got choir and It’s boring as hell at home andwhydon’tyoujustsayyestosaveyourselfsometrouble!”

Meet Yoochun. Jaejoong’s best friend, best enemy, best pest, best stalker... and all the bests there is.

Because Jaejoong was quite feisty and sour, most of his classmates found it best to steer clear of him. They never went any further than a simple “Annyeonghaseyo, Jaejoong-ssi” Or “Kamsamnida, Jaejoong-ssi”. And despite the fact that half of the school’s population had a crush on him or wanted to be his friend, the people he truly considered as friends could only be counted by hand. Yoochun had been one of those people, and it all started when he spilled chocolate all over Jaejoong’s brand new, clean, white uniform during the third grade. It wasn’t the best introduction, but after that incident Yoochun had been bugging the other ever since until Jae slowly grew accustomed to his presence.

“...And by a million times of visiting your house you would mean five times including the time your mother dragged me in and scolded me after I had returned you home past 6 pm.”

Yoochun rolled his eyes.

“Tsk, Fine. Just. Just behave.”

“...Is that a yes?”

“OHNO YOOCHUN. When someone says ‘fine’ they definitely mean ‘fuck off’”

And at that note, Yoochun shoved Jaejoong from behind as they both exited the classroom, laughing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Dude, I never knew you lived in a rainbow.

“Heh. Believe it or not, those were my exact thoughts when I first moved into this Block of sunshine

His words screamed sarcasm

Jaejoong was used to this kind of reaction. People who visited their house for the first time would often have a first impression of something related to rainbows, unicorns, sunflowers and candy land. His house looked like it were built with bright blue leggo blocks surrounded by a rainbow of flowers. The weather seemed to agree with him as the sun’s rays shined directly above it, making it seem as though it were glowing.

“Hey Jae, How can you manage to wake up every morning in a fowl mood when you have this kind of house? I mean. It’s my first time here but I could already imagine hearing the church choir in the background singing something like Alleluia the moment I open my eyes from sleep.”

“Oh shut up Chun. Are you gonna stay there and stare at it all day till you vomit rainbows and sunshine or are you coming in?”

The two boys entered the house, with Jaejoong leading the way. Once inside, they both removed their shoes and padded across to the living room where they dropped their bags carelessly. Jaejoong then proceeded to the kitchen to prepare snacks for both him and his friend. While he was busy slamming sandwiches together, Yoochun roamed around the house, eyes hovering over picture to picture to picture.  He was about to head back to the kitchen, when something, or rather someone, outside the glass doors to the garden caught his eye.

“Hey chun, I only have peanut butter so I hope you don’t mind—“

“Jae, who’s that girl?”

Jaejoong followed Yoochun’s gaze to the figure that lied still on the grass. Beside the lying figure was a wheelchair.

“Oh...that’s my..”

That’s changmin. Was what he wanted to say. That’s Changmin. And I love him.

“...my step-brother.”

Saying it hurt a lot more than he thought.

Brother? Isn’t he a little to pretty to be a boy? He’s cute.”

Something stirred within Jaejoong. He suddenly lost his appetite and placed the two sandwiches he was holding down on the nearest table.

“Yeah. Brother. And I can’t believe you just called him cute.”

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t think so too.”

He’s adorable.

But before Jaejoong could even say anything Yoochun was already opening the door and walking towards his precious dongsaeng.

“I wanna go meet him!”


Following the other boy, Jaejoong quickly jogged across the garden only to find Yoochun bent over Changmin’s lying body causing the younger boy to gasp soundlessly and sit up aburptly.

“HAHA! Scared you didn’t I?”

The younger boy stayed silent. Eyes wide and shocked, glancing from the stranger to his hyung repeatedly. Jaejoong heard the questions that Changmin silently asked with his curious eyes.

“O-Oh right you don’t know me yet. I’m Yoochun! Your hyung’s classmate. It’s nice to meet you!”

Yoochun extended his right hand. Changmin looked at Jaejoong.

Hyung..? Is he really your friend? Will I shake his hand?

But Jaejoong just avoided the younger’s gaze.

“It’s alright. There’s no need to be shy.”

Yoochun’s warm words made Changmin lift his hand a bit, hesitant still, but in the end he moved slowly, grabbing Yoochun’s hand and flashing the sweetest smile.

Both Yoochun and Jaejoong got lost in that smile, for a few seconds.

And then Yoochun Smiled back. But Jaejoong couldn’t.

Again, something stirred within Jaejoong...could it be...

that he was Jealous?

“Come on stand up! Let’s go inside! Your Hyung made us sandwiches and You could share mi—“


But Jaejoong spoke up too late because his best friend had already stood up, still gripping Changmin’s hand and pulling him onto his feet, fully expecting the younger to walk and follow him inside.

Unfortunately, Changmin just fell face flat on the ground. He began to sob silently.


Jaejoong harshly shoved yoochun’s hand away from Changmin’s and helped the boy up to his wheelchair, carrying him bridal style. If he didn’t feel so mad at Yoochun right now, He would have probably noticed the fluttering feeling he got in his stomach just then, when he picked Changmin up.

“I-I’m sorry! I..Didn’t...I thought”

“What the fuck do you think the wheelchair is for chun?!”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t notice! Changmin-ah, Why didn’t you say anything?”

“How could he he’s mute! He’s mute and paralyzed!”

Jaejoong immediately regretted his words. He turned to changmin to see how the boy reacted. And true enough, his words had stabbed the younger like a dagger; the tears streaming down his face no longer because of the fall minutes ago. Jaejoong fell silent. Changmin shifted his gaze to Yoochun, who slowly approached, crouching in front of his wheelchair.

“Changmin-ah. I’m sorry. Really, I didn’t know!”

I-it’s alright Yoochun-hyung.

Yoochun just looked at him confused.

“Changmin-ah, I want you to nod if you forgi—“

“He said it’s alright” Jaejoong interrupted. Sounding a little bitter. Even though Yoochun couldn’t understand Changmin’s actions, Jae understood him perfectly. He didn’t need any sign from the boy to know that he had already forgiven his best friend. But deep inside himself, he knew he too, was waiting for a sign of forgiveness.

Changmin just smiled.

At Yoochun.

“Well then” Yoochun gripped the handles of changmin’s wheelchair from behind. “Our sandwiches await!” And just like that Chun was inside the house, taking Changmin along with him.

For a while, Jae stood alone, in the middle of the garden. He felt a pang of guilt rush through him. Was he too harsh? He wondered how the boy must have felt, when he shouted the harsh reality of the younger’s state, plain and blunt as if it were a burden to him and to his family. Looking back at the glass door he could see both Yoochun and Changmin, smiling and enjoying the sandwich which Yoochun had sliced in half. His chest tightened. He wanted to share a sandwich with Changmin too.

“Jaejoong-ah what took you so long! Me and Changmin were contemplating whether to eat your sandwich or not, right Changmin? HAHAHA!”

Changmin smiled, but he didn’t laugh. Instead he grabbed Jaejoong’s Sandwich and shyly reached it out to his Hyung.

H-here hyung....

And Jaejoong took that as a sign that he wasn’t mad. Relief.

“I made these sandwiches and I think it's only fair that I get my share, so hands off. You’ve had yours now let me have mine.”

He grabbed the Sandwich from Changmin’s hand, their fingers lightly brushing. The younger boy watched as Jaejoong took several big bites in his mouth. Yoochun was blabbing away about how sloppy Jaejoong’s sandwich was, but then the two boys heard nothing when Jaejoong lifted his eyes to meet Changmin’s as he was halfway through with the sandwich.

Using the only language Changmin knew how to speak, Jaejoong looked at the boy, with apologetic eyes.


And Changmin flashed a blinding smile that caused his mismatched eyes to squint into two half-moons.

I was never mad Hyung. 

Tags: author: h, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: chaptered, rating: g

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