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Clutched By Sin

Title: Clutched bBy Sin
Pairing: MinJae
Author: JessaAndHerAddiction
Rating/s: NC-17
Genre: Strong(?) religious content, AU, Priest! JaeJoong and Soldier! ChangMin, NC17
Warning/s: Rape, Abuse, Gradually disturbing theme.

Do not read if you find the theme disturbing or offensive.
Remember that this is just a fiction that's written by me.


"He lays in a scornful ground. And the other kneels in holy grounds. The sinner meets the saint, and thus his sanity is clutched by sin."

Kim JaeJoong is a novice priest from the city chapel. He walks with his head hung low inside the dark and shallow dungeon to hear the last confession of an alleged murderer.

He's standing and walking on foreign grounds. He's getting anxious because of the darkness inside the cellar. And when the accused spoke his last confession, the night was swallowed and controlled by lust.


The young priest holds the bible in his arms while his eyes meticulously roam the narrow entrance to the dungeon.

“He’s located in the last cellar near the executioner’s pulpit.” The guard instructed quickly before the priest takes his first step inside the dark halls. He sighed softly, and he prays that God will protect him for a moment. He looks at the exit door for a moment and he’s thinking twice, thrice if he should continue with this task. They say that when you enter there, you’ll never see the same light again. The words from another priest echoed on his mind.

He gulps noiselessly, and then he stepped forward before bidding the guardsman farewell. There’s no turning back. He said to himself as he hugs the bible tighter. And when he begins to see the iron bars that are caging different criminals, he started to pray.


He can feel his palm getting moister as he walks closer to the last cellar. He peeks at the dim lighted room, and he felt his body tremor when he saw a pair of dark brown eyes staring back at him. A soldier. He murmured quietly while he opens the cellar’s lock. His hand was shaking and he can feel the beads of sweat on his forehead. He bit on his tongue after he steps inside the room, and he ignores the silent whispers on his mind that has been telling him to get out and run.

He heard a remorseful laughter and then the man stood up. “Are you here to tell me to get back on God’s good grace? Or are you here to recite the prayers for a man who is about to die.” The soldier spoke distastefully. His eyes pierced through the priest defenses and the latter begins to tremble from the dark aura that’s coming from the soldier.

“Are you going to speak? If not, then just leave and go back to your territory.”

The soldier’s words slaps him off his trance and he immediately grabs the chair next to the decaying table. He sits on the chair cautiously, and while he flips the pages of the bible he can feel the soldier’s eyes on him. “I came here to state your last decree from the Judge… A—and to hear your last amends be—before they ------“

“Kill me?” The soldier finished the sentence with a smirk. “I bet that you’re here to hear and pardon me of my sins.”

The priest swallowed and then he reluctantly stares back at the soldier. “I ----- Only God has the power to forgive and pardon people of their sins.” The priest whispered and declared with less confidence. He looks at the soldier once again and this time he musters enough courage to fulfill what he is asked to do. “I’m here to pray for your soul’s rest… And I’m here to hear your last wishes from God.”

He hears the soldier’s scornful, mocking laughter and hypocritical teasing of his soul’s purity and cleanliness. The priest bit his tongue and he silently prays for the man’s soul. He begs God to give this man an entryway into heaven and he prays for the man to feel no pain when it’s time for his execution.

When the soldier relaxed from his laugh, the priest cleared his throat and he stands up from his seat to approach the man. “Let me pray for your soul.” He said with much pity and conviction for the man. He knows that the tough exterior is only a cover for the man’s fear of dying, that deep inside there’s something vulnerable and worthy of protection. “Let me pray for your peace and alliance with the Father.”

The soldier made a sound of irritation. He probes the priest silently, meticulously. “I heard that priest can change lives of men and women by hearing God’s forgiveness through them.” The soldier said as a matter of fact. “And I heard that Holy men and women is embraced and welcomed by God’s grace when they die… Am I correct? Oh, hallow one?”

The priest froze, and then he nods slowly. “Yes…” His answer was more than unsure. And somehow it made the soldier smile with ill intention.

“And a man like me. A soldier like me. A killer like me will go to hell, am I right?”

The priest sighs heavily. “Y---yes… It’s what the Book of Life says…. That every sinner will suffer in the flames of hell, and every saint will celebrate while being embrace by the warm bosoms of the father.”

The soldier hummed and then he snatches the bible from the priest’s embrace.

“He---hey!” The holy man shrieked when the soldier rips the bible in half. His eyes widen after the soldier threw the bible against the wall and a sudden rush of fear stabs through him.

“You said that you’re here to hear my last wish…” The soldier sneered with a feral grin. He eyes the priest’s and before he pulls the latter by the hair to nudge the holy man an inch closer to his face. “Well then, listen well you awful prick because you’re not standing on your holy grounds. You’re wrong to think that a man like you can judge someone like me.”

The soldier pulls on the priest’s hair until their lips were barely centimeters apart. “I’ll drag you to hell with me, you pompous hypocrite.” The soldier hissed bitterly before he inches closer to press his lips roughly on the other male’s own. He pulled on the priest’s hair when the man tried to push him away and he punched the latter in the stomach when the latter bit on his lower lip.

The priest fell knees first on the ground and his vision becomes darker by the minute when the soldier elbowed his neck. He can feel his clothes being tossed and removed, and he lies helplessly on the ground as the soldier impales and shifts atop him.

“Hear my last confession, you bastard. You’ll never walk out of here without remembering me for the rest of your life.”


It felt as if his lower body will split in two anytime soon. He breathed out through gritted teeth and he squeezed his two hands together while the soldier abuses him from the behind. He’s not stupid enough to not know what’s being done to him, and his prayers are noiseless while the man on top of him assaults his body even more.

“Open your eyes you bastard. I know that you’re awake.” The man sneered while he thrust in and out of the priest’s entrance. He clutched the priest’s chin, and he forces the man to face him violently. He pushed his hips until he feels the warm flesh against his balls, and his chuckles were crude when the latter gasped in pain.

“Do it. Open your eyes and look at me, priest.” The soldier sneered. He nudges his hips once more before he thrust with the same, violent force.

“Ple----please stop.” The priest begged, his eyes were tightly closed and his hands were shaking as he supports himself with his arms folded against his chest. He cries out loud when the soldier begins to ruthlessly thrust behind him, but his screams and plea were muffled when the soldier covered his mouth. The soldier dug his nails on the priest’s cheeks, and he laughs in satisfaction whenever he feels strong breaths of screams in his hands.

He pulls the man by the hair, and he pushes him off the bed brutally. He kicked the priest by the stomach, and he pulls the latter by the hair until the man came face to face with him. He hummed with a smirk, and then he slapped the priest hard on the face. “You are no different from us sinners. You say you are holy but your body can’t hide its lustful desires.”

The latter trembles and writhes when the soldier kisses and bit his lips, he moaned in pain when the soldier pulled his hair to nudge his head down, and he silently cries in disgust when the soldier licks and nibbles on his jaw and neck. “Come on now. Tell me, priest. You like this… Don’t you?” The soldier sneered before he pushes the latter down until his knees landed hard on the jagged cellar floor.

“Suck.” The soldier commanded while pushes his cock against the priest’s pursed lips. He slaps the kneeling man when the latter refused his order, and clutched the man by the cheek until his mouth partly opens.

Tears falls down from his eyes while the soldier abuses his mouth relentlessly, and he chokes and gags whenever the blunt head of the soldier’s penis pushes and penetrates his throat.

He groans and whines in protest as the soldier’s nails digs in his scalp until that familiar burning pain and sensation overwhelms him. And he swallows all of the liquid when the soldier cummed in his mouth.

It didn’t take long enough for his vision to blur and for his consciousness to be rid of him again. His body collapses against the floor and with his last strength he prays another prayer silently, and he begs for mercy for both their souls.

He felt the soldier towering him again, warm hands were massaging his lower body and a finger was penetrating his entrance.

“You’ll never come out of here with a sane mind ever again.”

Was the last thing that he heard before he closes his eyes, and finally he lets his body dive into the pool of sin and pleasure.


“May God be with you…” The sound of his voice was overheard by the crowd through the speakers. He watches silently as the mass of people leaves the church to go back to their own home to either rest or celebrate.

He closes the holy bible before kissing the pedestal laid and presented for God, and he removes the ceremonial wardrobe after each sacristan kissed the back of his hand as a sign of respect and farewell. He smiled and waves goodbye to the children that greets and hugs him. They see him as their 2nd Father, as they do to their biological father's, and in their hearts God is the one who gave them life and love.

He walks into the chambers and rooms of priest after he takes of the ceremonial robe.

“Why good evening, Father JaeJoong. “ The janitor greeted him with a bright smile, and he lets the old man kiss the back of his hand. He prays for the man’s well being and long life, and he hurries to his chamber to cleanse his body.

He turns the light on when he reached his room, and he steps inside the bathroom while he takes of his clothes. JaeJoong sighed in relief after the cold water hit his head, gradually soaking his hair and body. He runs his fingers through his hair and silently let the cold sensation hit his skin with every drop from the showerhead.

It has been five years since the execution of the soldier named Shim ChangMin. And JaeJoong still remembers the face of the man who abused him, used him and violated him.

“You say you are holy but your body can’t hide its lustful desires.”

ChangMin’s words filled JaeJoong’s mind and he froze and flinched when the memories from that night cascaded through his mind like never ending pictures. The proof that madness, the point and his weakness, and the night that he can never let go and forget. It still haunts him every time….

“You’ll never walk out of here without remembering me for the rest of your life.”

He moans softly, and he wraps his fingers around his hardened cock while the image of ChangMin is still fresh from his memories. And he knows, he understands and he willingly gave himself up for the man who opened his eyes to something forbidden and dangerous.

“Forgive me….” He whispered while he slides his finger in and out of his entrance. “Rid me of all my sins, dear Lord.”

He’s clutched by sin.

Tags: author: j, genre: alternate universe, genre: smut, genre: tragedy, length: chaptered (completed), length: oneshot, rating: nc17

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