jyll (jyllchan) wrote in _starcandy,

[Mod Post] Volunteers Needed

Hello everyone, I am jyllchan, one of the co-mods here, nice to meet you all :)

The next step of our duty is cleaning up the entries with the right tagging as we all have hoped from some time ago. We all know too that the cleaning will use a lot of time considering this community have its first post on the year of 2006, which is already 6 years. So, we need help from members. Would you like to volunteer to be a temporary moderator? 

Leave your comment here if you would like to give us a helping hand and you think you have free time 1-2 hours per day or 7-10 hours per week, more would be better, we would gladly consider you as one of the volunteers. All the comments will be screened. And because we just need 2 or 3 volunteers, please do not be offended if you are not selected.
Tags: ! mod post

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