Pretentious McBoobies (lightly) wrote in _starcandy,
Pretentious McBoobies

[Mod post] Suggestions, questions and comments

Hi dear members,

If you have a suggestion for the mods, or you have a question or any concerns, please feel free to comment with them here and we mods will do our best to help.

Or if you want to talk to a mod privately we can all be reached by private message through LJ.

We can't promise to implement every suggestion made but will give consideration to anything that should arise. We are looking for ways in which to make this community run better and make it a fun place to be, but with so many people it will be hard to keep everyone happy. We will try our best, though :)

All comments to this post will be screened and will be in the strictest confidence unless the commenter wishes otherwise.
Tags: ! mod post, ! suggestion post

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