Haizul (haizul) wrote in _starcandy,

[PROJECT] profile page icons!

Heyyyy~ Haizul here, one of the co-mods for this lovely comm. Nice to meet all of you! :)

To update on the most latest change, we've revamped the comm's profile page. But eh, something's wrong? Yes, its yet to be fully completed. That's why...


Basically, we've taken into consideration some of the request to have more pictures to decorate the profile page and thus we're accepting voluntary ICON donations for this purpose. Rules are pretty simple and straightforward:

- icons should be 100x100 or 75x75 (minimum) pixel size.
- icons must be strictly related to Jaejoong, Changmin or the JaeMin couple.
- plagiarism is a big NO NO. icons must be your own original work. it doesn't matter how old or new the icon is, as long as its made by you :)
- text icons are okay, as long as they're JaeMin related.
- icons donated are voluntary, so unfortunately, there'll be no prizes for participation... but we will definitely put your credit on the profile page! ^^

What you have to do:

Just make an icon (or lots of them xD) according to the rules above and upload them to image hosting sites such as photobucket / tinypic, etc. Link the icon(s) in a comment to this post, and we're done!

As of now, we'll only need maximum 20 icons, but to be fair for everyone, all icons will be used. In the case of overwhelming response, we'll rotate the icons perhaps every month or so. With that said, there will be NO TIME LIMIT for this project! So the more the merrier, guys! :D
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