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The God Named Love

Title: The God Named Love.
Author: JessaAndHerAddiction
Rating/s: G-PG 13
Genre: Angst, Romance, AU, MPREG
Pairing: JaeJoong and ChangMin

"Love is a powerful matter, and it can break and mend those who posses it."

JaeJoong watches with half idled eyes as the young boy with golden tan skin offers his statue another burnt offering of freshly picked mandarins. He watches with a smile when the boy reluctantly steps back from the temple to take his leave, and with another halfhearted step the boy inches back and went home.

The God of Love twirled his fingers in circles until the red string that is connected to the boy’s heart is entangled with his fingers. Another smile passed his lips when he saw the name that’s dangling on the keychain that’s connected to the boy’s heart, JaeJoong the God of Love. And so, he sits back on his throne with a satisfied smile. He’s gained another admirer and it will be fun to see the progress of the boy’s childish love for him.


The God Named Love.

I'll lock this as "Friends only" after two to three weeks. Because I already have this on AFF and the only reason I posted this in LJ is because I want Jaceni eonnie to copy this to her MS word. LOL.
But I hope you guys like this too. ♥

Tags: author: j, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered (completed), length: oneshot, rating: g, rating: pg13

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