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Perdido sin ti

Perdido sin ti ~~ Lost without you
Drabble ~ 675 words
Paring ~Jaejoong + Changmin
Rating ~ PG
Genre ~ little angst, I think.
Disclaimer ~ The idea, lines and everything else are mine except the names and the members are not mine.
N/A ~ inspired while listening to Ricky Martins song ‘Perdido sin ti’. Non-beta.
Enjoy =)

'Bang! ….puff….thang…..' books falling, bed torn apart, desk in a mess and he still can’t find it.

“Changmin? What are you doing?” His older friend asks, standing by the door to his room.

“I can’t find it…” and Changmin continues to search thru his closet.

“Find what?” he asks again leaning on the door frame.

“He gave it do me… I can’t find it…” and he feels how tears starts do develop in his eyes. 

“Can you calm down, who gave you what?”

He feels frustrated, angry at himself, despair coming up for loosing the one thing he promised he’ll treasure with all his might and soul until they would be back. “I don’t remember…. I don’t remember….” He gives as an answer, how could he forget? How could he lose it? He shouldn’t have done it, they shouldn’t have done it! And he falls slowly to the floor, trying to calm himself and not panic from the pain in his chest.

“Changmin….” He says and walks to wards him, hoping he won’t brake. He kneels down, placing his hand on the boys shoulder making him look up. ”….clam down, when you do that you’ll surely find it.”

“Hyung…..” he looks past him, at the clock on the desk, it’s marking half past eleven, they should be home he thinks.

So he stands and runs out of his room, out of the apartment they used to share, out from their home and leaving a shouting hyung behind.


He runs down, out of the building, out to the crowd, he passes people looking at him strangely do to the tears he had developed without his notice. He passes the streets, the stores just to get to the point where he is, to his new home…..for himself.


“Yo, you called.” Yoochun says to his cell phone that’s lying on the bed.

“Changmin is going to his place.” The other line says kind of broken.

“He’s going to whose place?” Yoochuns asks and stands up taking the phone to his ear.

“Changmin is…..”

“Yeah, I heard that part but who’s place I asked.” He interrupted the other while walking out the bedroom.

“To J….” and the doorbell is ringing like crazy.

“Wait, some ones at the door.” He tells and then yells. "Stop that! You’ll wake up people around us." And he goes to open the door. “Changmin....? Yunho, I get it, call you later.” He hangs up before Yunho can say anything…. At all.

“Yoochun hyung…is….is he here?” Changmin asks, looking down and trying to breath normally again.

“You ran to get here? Why?” Yoochun answers, a little annoyed.

“I n.….I need to talk to him.” And he looks directly at Yoochun, in his own stubborn way.

“Yoochun, who is at this hour?” another voice asks coming out from the living room. “Changmin.....”  and he looks surprised.

“Hyung.”  Changmin says with a smile on his face and tears rolling down. He walks in to the apartment, towards him, the one standing there, arms crossed and grinning.

“You fool.”  And he takes him in his arms, he may be much shorter than the other but he makes him feel just the right size. And so Changmin feels his legs give in and he slowly kneels down with him.

“I ….I….lost it hyung.”  He says seeing the tears hit the floor.

“What did you lose?”  Is the question the other one asks.

Yoochun, who’s been standing there seeing this drama played in front of him decides to leave the two alone, going back to the room.

“Changmin?” and so he looks at him.

“I don’t remember, I don’t remember what I lost….I just lost it.” And so he closes his eyes.  He doesn’t want to see the hurt in his hyung beautiful face, the pain in those brown deep eyes.

“You fool…” Changmin opens them up and he sees him smiling. “….you didn’t lose it, it’s right here.”  And there’s a hand just near his heart. 

“Jae….” A whisper from his lips, he can find it again. He’s already found it.




Tags: author: c, genre: angst, length: oneshot, rating: pg
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