poppy_sky (poppy_sky) wrote in _starcandy,

For You, Always [3]

Pairings: JaeMin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: boyxboy, and if you're really strict about the definition of incest then... incest.
Summary: Jaejoong is the oldest son but not the heir. Changmin wants nothing but his older brother’s approval. A bond stronger than blood binds them together and brotherly love develops into something more.
A/N: Sorry for the wait. I don't love this chapter because I wasn't in the right mood when I wrote it but I could not keep you guys waiting any longer. Hope you like it!

That morning Changmin was woken up by a familiar weight settling over his legs.
Tags: author: p, genre: alternate universe, genre: romance, length: chaptered, rating: nc17

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