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No One Ever Said... (complete)

Title: No One Ever said...
Author: jaceni
Pairing: Jaemin
Length: two shots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: drama, smut, slight romance, slight angst, slight fluff, AU cross with HP
Warning: Uke!Min, Seme!Jae, mostly working with Harry Potter World existing and into effect, could be considered a cross DBSK fandom and Harry Potter World, possible bestiality?, cliché?, NO BETA- so sorry for the mistakes. ^^ can't think of anything else. :D

Disclaimer: Don't own or profit from using Harry Potter fandom or DBSK members. This is just for fun. ^_^ I've cited things I'll be using directly from other writers, so as not to plagiarize. And what I say isn't set in stone, in fact, it could be completely wrong, so don't think the facts stated here are right. :) I'm not a expert in either fandom, so don't expect things one hundred percent accurate. That's why it's an Alternate Universe and not Canon. :)

Summary: Jaejoong comes of age and receives his full Veela powers at 21. He never expected for his mate to be a guy, the thought never even crossed his mind. What happens when he finds out and will his mate accept him? It's either bind and claim within a week or die trying...

Part Two
Tags: author: j, genre: alternate universe, genre: angst, genre: crossover, genre: drama, genre: romance, genre: smut, length: chaptered (completed), length: oneshot, rating: nc17

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