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Clearing up a few more things before starting!

To the volunteers from the original post: maxism12 yunho jyllchan sungmin01 asukasukisu every_journal philthebob darkqueen_25 dorkii_simba windapaoline goldintheshadow arashifan27 [guys, I was really touched at the outpouring of offers to help! You have no idea...;___;]

Are there any of you that would feel comfortable taking a permanent maintainer position here after the clean up? I'd say with the level of activity and overall good behavior here, we'd only need 2 or possibly 3 of you to stay on after just to keep an eye on things I miss.

Leave a comment here if you'd like to be on the temporary team, or permanent. ♥ Make sure you'll have the time to check up on things even after summer is over if you'd like to remain! Screened comments so only I can see what you decide. Oh, and if there's more than 2 or 3 volunteers, please don't be offended if you're not selected. Since I don't think I know any of ya'll personally, believe me, there would be no favoritism and names would be completely picked at random based on your availability. ♥!

author:a and so on will be how the author tags will go. Ratings tags will be G, PG, R, and NC-17. Lengths will be Poetry, Drabble, Oneshot, Chaptered. Media: fanvid, fanmix, pictures, gifs, fanart, video, audio, icon, screencap, wallpaper. Misc: intro post, question, request, discussion, plot bunny. and! finally mod posts, and contest.

If I overlooked or missed anything or anyone, drop a comment here too!
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