YoungSoonGi (youngsoongi) wrote in _starcandy,

[FIC] E.T. (2/3)

Title: E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: triple-shot
Genre: supernatural, science-fiction, romance, fluff, smut, AU
Rating: NC 17

A/N: This fic is obviously caused by this video.
And till now, this the most fcked up thing I have ever written. xD

Summary:For already 5 years JaeJoong works as an assistant to his cousin JunSu on a space exploring base "Athena", run by commander Jung YunHo.
He have seen all kind of space monsters, aliens and creeps, yet he never imagined that somewhere in the universe there could be someone as gorgeous as the new 'inhabitant' of the base. And even more- he never could have imagined that this gorgeous creature is made for him - that he is his mate and that he can give JaeJoong everything he could ever want.

Part 1

“Then it’s okay if I want you, like, really badly?”

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