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hey guys im new here im 17 and i live in orlando. what is this community for? or like what am i suppose to write about? add me if ya want i'll add ya back <3 =)
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never give up

Wondering what you'd think..

Well,I dont know how many Chorus students are in the community or reads it..buuut I was very curious,I'm really trying to run for homecoming queen candiate for Chorus..Do you really think that I might actually have a chance doing so? What I mean is actually getting to be the canidate. I dont mean to sound concieted..I really think theres a goood possiblity that someone else would win. Oooh well.

I know,I'm very timid,shy,and antisocial-I honestly think that someone that doesnt have my personality will get it. I dont know,I'm just worrying about if the possiblity occurs,I'll screw everything up soooo badly due to being nervous.

I guess..I worry tooo much..
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im gonna be a white rapper
fo shizzle
ice ice baby
go white boy go white boy GO

um yeah... this white boy is going now.... dont ask... well, do if you want... but dont expect a reply that makes sense... i dont know? yeeeah im gonna stop now....


We are making this commuinty come back alive..even if i have to kick all yer asses.. heh.. pleasee..someone.. write something in here.. tell us how your day went.. tell us about life.. tell us about something disgusting...something embarrassing.. JUST SAY SOMETHING!....
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