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Elitist, Snarky Bastards of the World, Unite! Canadians Especially Welcome!

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What is the 'Star Fuckers community about?

We're a community of "elitist" Northstar/Iceman fans. Basically.

How do I join?

The best way is to have one of the current members recommend you to the mods. If you don't know any of the current members, e-mail one of the mods (see below) and provide a link to your LJ, website, or anything else that proves you have at least a basic grasp of proper grammar and spelling.

That's kind of snobbish.

Yes, it is. And that wasn't a question. Next?

I'm not a member (yet). Can I post comments?

Yes, you can, and commenting is actually a good way to enhance your chances of getting your membership application approved by the mods.

I'm a member. What can I post?

Anything related to Jean-Paul/Bobby: fanfic, fan art, scans of comics, etc.

What can't I post?

Anything off-topic. Any stories that aren't spellechecked (that's a bare minimum--we prefer beta'ed stories) or art on lined paper.

What happens if I do post something like that, or if I flame someone or generally act like an illiterate asshat in comments?

If you submit an OT post, a non-spellchecked story, or bad art, your post does not get approved (yes, we have moderated posting), and you receive a warning. If you behave like an asshat, illiterate or otherwise, in comments, the thread gets frozen and you get a warning and put on moderated status for commenting.

You only get the one warning.

Repeat offenders will be beaten about the head and shoulders with Chuck Austen, and then banned from both posting to the comm and posting comments.

What if I have a question that's not answered in the FAQ?

E-mail the mods. Despite the above, we really don't bite.

So who are these elusive, snobby mods, and how do I contact them?

bubosquared can be reached at minerva [at] femgeeks [dot] net, and you can fire an e-mail to ruby_fruit at synicism42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.