I used to have nightmares of some sort of force like the devil or spirits throwing me about in my room. And I didnt know if I was asleep or awake. But for some reason I want to have those outer body experiences again. Does anyone know of how to increase your chances of haveing nightmares?
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Hello..My name is Charlotte...

My name is Charlotte.

The demons are going to get me. They are in my dreams, but when I wake up they are still there. Spiders, rats, everywhere. I scream and I scream, and my sister shakes me, and I cry. Sometimes they go away, and they always go away when I bleed.

I hate my bed. I won't sleep there again. And if they try to make me, I will hurt them.

Does anyone else's dreams...

...cause them to wake up in the midst of an anxiety attack? Shaking, and gasping for air. The sweat-drenched bit is always there - for most, I'd say. But, you know that distinct feeling you have during an anxiety attack? You can't have that feeling for any other reason. It's an anxiety attack, and you know it is. But the *dream* or *terror* you were having was either, not a bad dream, or you cannot remember it... but it *caused* an anxiety attack. Somehow, what you are experiencing is an anxiety attack. And it's weirder for us because we go thru this spastic stage of slipping in and out during anxiety attacks, and that's uncontrollable, and really distressing (it only ever happens otherwise when we're in *danger* [or perceived danger]). So what must I have been dreaming about that caused something like this? Especially something that I cannot remember? Okay. I had a point for this post, but I can't really remember what I was going for. Can anyone salvage any meaning?

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Has anyone of you ever went to sleep and all of a sudden you can see your room around you, like as if you are awake, but you can't move at all or sometimes you can't even breathe or the blanket is over your nose and you can't breathe at all no matter how thick or thin the blanket is. That happens to me and sometimes I can feel someone doing something to me but I can't see him. It used to happen to me all the time and I have no idea what I was going through. I just want to know if anyone has anything similiar that has happened to them.

This would happen to me starting when I was 13 years old and now it just happens occasionally, just not as bad.

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I suffered night terrors from the time I was, I don't know, 12? I don't have them anymore because now I'm a stable, well-rounded, well-rested person.

The worst was high school. I had them every night. I wouldn't go to my bedroom, I would watch tv until I fell asleep.

I was in a very remote part of the house with the attic door just above me. It started with my waking up and me and my bed would be somewhere completely different. Often in the middle of the desert in broad daylight. This would freak me out too much and I would shut my eyes tight and not open them.

ooh, i'm freaking myself out. I think I'm going to have to recount this slowly in several posts because it only gets worse. I had this problem for about 15 years with it getting worse, changing to waking paralysis, sleepwalking, waking during sleepwalking (really frightening). I'll try again later.

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Is it just me or does it seem like Night terrors?

It is gone now, but I can remember
The narrow room where a nine year old boy
Lay at night on a bed so wide
That hands and feet could find no falling off
From softness into the dark around him.

Deep in the drowse of childhood, he heard
His mother’s voice in the next room,
Unmeaning and soft as his first comfort;
And he thought of what he could not know – of his dog
Poisoned the week before
Stiff and strange in the moist earth;
Of an aunt he loved who had died last year;
Of the unchanging sleep
That would take him soon, that would take him

And the room shifted in its darkness, presences gathered
Where he could not see, his arms flailed
The unbreathing black. He called out from his terror
‘Mother!’ and called again. For there was
Something with him in the room that gathered
And coiled relentlessly and touched him where he moved
Its breath ancient and hot in the incalculable night.

As if it were a part of the dream’s thick, dark,
His mother’s voice came softly insistent,
Calm in its primal despair: ‘It’s
Nothing,’ She said. ‘There’s nothing here.
Nothing, nothing. Nothing at all.’

And the light crashed like a flame
On his open eyes, his mothers face
Floated above him, and he could speak no more.
He saw beyond her
The peeling walls of his long room.
Bare in the harsh light, veined and yellow, old,
They were more terrible in their stark silence
Than those naked shapes of darknessin his early sleep

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He sings to me still, when I wake up...he's the central of all of the night terrors.

(I mean apart from the nightmares I've been having since I was ten)

And I talk to him, in my mind. I find that when i hurt myself he goes away. I was in town this morning going to school and I saw him across the road. I was so scared I balled my fist really tightly and hit the thick plastic of the bus shelter.

I have bruises on my knuckles and I was bleeding not too far from the surface of my skin... only began hurting just now and I did that to myself this morning.

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Ok the mod's story
I have several things

Creatures: I have several creatures...all are created...I think by my mind. They consist of: Aliens, little animal like things and women...only women. One of the women I see apparantly is Bloody Mary...not quite sure about that...but hey...

Dreams: I have been known to have some pretty freaky dreams which are...well i can't describe them. they just freak me out.

When I was eleven:
I woke up and there was this thing on top off me. I put my hand up to get it off...but it felt all scaley(SP) and wet. It would not budge. I went back to sleep and I never had another experience like it again.

I live:
Right next to a cemetary and every other night I get this feeling on my back, of someone there...holding me like a lover would in bed. I dont know...if its real...but its both comfortable and freaky...

anyway...thats all...not really in was a general thing...

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I was sitting in the darkness of my room, I was supposed to be asleep, but I couldn't sleep. I can never sleep willingly.

My rooms really messy, there are clothes all over the floor.

And what appeared in the darkened doorway?

A boy, a small boy. He couldn't have been any older than ten. He had no eyes, instead of eyes there were just hollow sockets. His little blue lips were sown together and his throat had been torn out. There was blood all over his 17th century style clothes. He was trying to scream, I could tell. And I could hear the screming all around me, though physically no sound came from him.

He came towards me and touched my face.

It was so real, I swear.

He went away for a little while, but he came back, he lay down beside me in bed and cuddled up against me.

I could hardly breathe, I couldn't feel him though. Because he wasn't real.

He looked up at me and tore the stitching away from him mouth,

"He'll come for you again mummy..."

I lay there, petrified and listened to him humming. He sang a song I learnt in Choir year seven.

"..."winkin, blinkin and nod one night, sailed off in a wooden shoe, sailed on a river of crystal light, into a sea of dew, where are you going and what do you wish the old moon asked the three, we've come to fish for the herring fish, that live in this beautiful sea, nets of silver and gold have we said winkin blinkin and nod. Winkin and blinkin are two little eyes and nod is a little head and the old wooden shoe that sailed the skies is a wee one's trundle bed, so shut your eyes while we sing of wonderful sights that be and you can fish for the herring fish that live in the beautiful sea, where the old moon rocks the fishermen three winkin blinkin and nod...."

That made me fall asleep (as much as I didn't want to) and when I woke up he was hitting me. He had a knife and he held it above my head.

"He'll come back, like he always does that's why we can't let him get you..."

And that was what I saw last night which resulted in about one hour of sleep.
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why yes you are. -sigh-

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I'm sitting down in a subway, reading. The words hurt my eyes so I look up. Deep brown eyes met mine. I smile. The lady smiles back at me and rubs her belly. She is obviously pregnant. I offer her my seat, but she just smiles and shakes her head. She seems sad.

I watched as she frowned, and then started to cry. I sat silently as she pulled something out from behind her. I did nothing when she spoke to the man beside her. He smiled politely and nodded. He helped her steady the object. He assured her that it was level to her abdomen. I just sat there as she turned to me, smiled at me, and then pulled the trigger.

Her stomach exploded from the blast of the shotgun. It was like a red balloon. The polite man dropped the gun and started to scream. Blood is everywhere. This is my stop.

I stood up and walked away. I walk all the way to my apartment without a word. Without a thought. I open my door. Drop my keys and head for the bathroom. I step into the shower with her blood still on me and stare at the faucet.

There is a sharp pain in my stomach. I step out of the dry shower and sit down on the toilet. The pain increases and won't stop. I grimace but there is silence all around me. The silence is finally broken by a splash. I clean myself. The paper is bloody. I turn and the water is red. Not pink. Red.

I lean over and make out a tiny shape. There is a tiny hand clinging to the side of the white porcelain. There is an bloody fetus in my toilet bowl.

I woke up right after that.

This may seem gross. It may seem funny. After reading what I wrote, it sounds like comedic poetry. It isn't supposed to. It was just a scary dream.