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We all walk in the black sunshine

We don't know who we are...

\m/ S.T.A.I.K.Y. Music \m/
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"Only sick music makes money today."
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to the community for our (future) record label, StealThisAndI'llKillYou Music*

The main purpose of this community is for the members of Necroscope and Eroded Winter to keep track of everything going on in our little band, not to mention the side bands each member has.

But, the more the merrier.

In the world of heavy music, everyone supports and looks out for each other. We're all family, united by the music we love. So, if you are/know someone who loves heavy music, plays heavy music, or hates living in the 909 because you have to drive all the way to L.A. to hear heavy music, come join us.

*Patent and pending, bitches!