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Welcome to the community all about WWE Diva Stacy Keibler.

Talk about anything involving Stacy here. You can post pics (Only behind an Lj-Cut though), post news, rumors, anything. As long as it involves Stacy. Read the rules before joining/posting.

Your moderators:

dolphin_dsrtgrl | StinkySquirt88
jfacsbabyangel | jfacsBaByAnGeL

Banner made by: pink_socks

Enjoy your stay. I'm working on the look of the community, so if anyone is willing to make graphics, it will be greatly appreciated.

1. When posting pictures or any other graphics, please use an lj-cut.
2. No bashing other community members. Doing so will lead to you getting banned.
3.. Keep all posts related to Stacy or the WWE.
4.. No fighting or arguing. Of any kind. I don't care what the situation is. None of it.
5. I'll allow community promoting. But keep it to a minimum. I don't want too much of it to go on.
6.. No spamming. If you post more than 2 times a day in the community, I will start deleting posts. I, as well as others, have the community added on our friends lists, and it does get a bit irritating seeing multiple posts from the same person on our friends pages.

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