going fast!!

Still need to shop for your aunt/sister/brother/uncle/significant other/parents/kids/anyone else??????

Creature Co-op's  creatures are selling like crazy.  Be sure to get your orders in soon for the holidays!!

This season's extremely popular items have been:


New Hats, Creatures, and Bags!


Creature Co-op, a small family owned and run start up business (based in L.A.) would like to share it's newest hand made creations!

We make creatures that are very dumb and bump into things a lot. Some of them are crazy. Some are dumb and crazy, but very, very sweet. They all want to be your friend so you can take naps, eat snacks, and cause mischief together.


Plush creatures:

Matching plush, hats, bags, and minis!! Yeah!!

Spongmonkey Halloween Costumes

I don't know why I didn't post this when it came out (it must have slipped my mind that this community would appreciate this), but it appears I'm only six months late. For those of you who weren't already aware, there are photos of Spongmonkey Halloween costumes up on the rathergood.com site.

(click to see)
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I Want a Spongmonkey

Hi Folks,

I am totally blind and would like to replace my current icon with a spongmonkey, just because I love them so much. Can somebody please explain to me:
  1. Where I can get an icon of a spongmonkey?

  2. and
  3. How I upload it to my LJ to use as an icon?

I thought I would start here, since I'm sure there are folks in the community who have already located and done this. I'd rather not have to join an icon community just to get this done. Thanks if you can help.