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According to dribs and drabs on the official message board, the Primal Scream/Spiritualized gig at Brixton is to be released on DVD this month or next.

And apparently the band's in the studio, recording for a September release to be followed by a tour.

Nothing official of course but, y'know, anticipation and all that.
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J!art for the new year ... and a story

A few months ago, I decided to introduce my Luddite Aunt to the wonders of J. Cos if you take a long car trip with me and have no musical inclinations of your own, then you get mine.

I thought I'd be unusually considerate and put on the most upbeat of all Spiritualized albums, Let It Come Down. Swirling orchestral chaos, I thought that'd be a really nice introduction.

About halfway down the freeway, we were in a flaming screaming match.

She started it, she said "omigod, what is this dirge?"

I said, with justifiable indignation, "It's not a dirge, it's Jason! This is very pretty music!"

She took particular offence to the words of Don't Just Do Something, notably that gorgeous lifting notechange of oh babe I'm going nowhere, nowhere is where I wanna be // and babe, I'm good for nothing, nothing is good enough for me.

She seemed to think that was depressing.

At which point my head exploded amid shrieks of "He's being ironic! He's not depressing, he's ironic!"

We still haven't forgiven each other. That's the absurdity of the generation gap for ya. Thanks, J.

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Dirge ... she's lucky I didn't play Interpol!
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Hey space cadets.

I just got myself one of these:


...and it's damn awesome (even if the big telly in the lounge won't play it properly).

Does anyone know whether this is as rare as it used to be, or has it recently been reissued? I know where there is one other copy here in Melbourne (for the princely sum of $20), so if anyone's interested, send me an email...

New Spiritualized Track...

From www.pitchforkmedia.com today...

"Spiritualized, Fiery Furnaces, Iggy & The Stooges Contribute to Junior Kimbrough Tribute LP

Ryan Schreiber reports:
January 11th will see the release of Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough, a new tribute to the revered Delta bluesman, via the Oxford, MS-based blues label Fat Possum. The record features 16 recordings of his songs-- all previously unreleased-- by Spiritualized, The Fiery Furnaces, Blues Explosion (with guitar work and production by Elliott Smith), The Black Keys, Mark Lanegan, and a revamped lineup of Iggy & The Stooges featuring legendary Minutemen member Mike Watt standing in for the band's original bassist, Dave Alexander, who died of drug-related causes in 1975. Also of note is a duet between blues-folk singer/songwriter Entrance and Cat Power.

"Though the world doesn't need another tribute record, it does need to know about Junior Kimbrough and this is an excellent start," reads a statement on the disc from Fat Possum founder Matthew Johnson, who also advises that listeners seek out other Kimbrough records the label has released. The release also includes hackneyed liner notes by Rolling Stone scribe Anthony DeCurtis, who humorously asserts that Kimbrough's "mesmerizing, bone-chilling guitar lines, ageless and timeless, continue to make their way out in the world, leaving no one who has heard them at all the same." Tracklist:

01 Iggy & The Stooges: "You Better Run Version #1"
02 Spiritualized: "Sad Days Lonely Nights"
03 Blues Explosion: "Meet Me in the City"
04 Heartless Bastards: "Done Got Old"
05 The Black Keys: "My Mind Is Ramblin'"
06 Pete Yorn: "I Feel Good Again"
07 Entrance & Cat Power: "Do the Romp"
08 The Fiery Furnaces: "I'm Leaving"
09 Mark Lanegan: "All Night Long"
10 Thee Shams: "Release Me"
11 Jim White: "Done Got Old"
12 Outrageous Cherry: "Lord Have Mercy on Me"
13 Whitey Kurst: "Pull Your Clothes Off"
14 Jack Oblivion: "I'm in Love With You"
15 The Ponys: "Burn in Hell"
16 Iggy & The Stooges: "You Better Run Version #2""
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Today is one pan faced, messy haired, mumbling, megalomaniac lanky coquette's birthday. all right, pete sonic person too.

What am I doing to celebrate? Lessee, I have practically the entire Spiritualized discography in my bag couldn't find my lazer guided melodies and will torture the office at large over the next eight hours. The Amazing Grace badge is on my lapel ... it's been there for the better part of the month but that's beside the point. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd I plan to be quietly defiant all day, yisssss!

This weekend, I shall make fangirly celebratory art. I would tonight but it is out on the piss we go. So I shall get schlargered in the name of schpaceman, ooh yes that works.

So what you lovely space!minions doing to mark this day?

Also, on a sidenote, I was listening to the reworked XFiles theme today and got struck by this sudden giggly image of Our J sprawled on a couch, watching Mully and Sculder peering through the porthole at the Human Fluke. Ah, is there nothing better than realising your hero might be a fanboy? Not that he would ever be that undignified, no. spacegirl!dee, j/mulder??? woahhhhh.

Who needs drugs when you've got Jason Pierce? *muffles lewd answer*
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