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Eh. Anyone heard/have the "Elvis" version of Ladies and Gents? I heard about this somewhere and am interested. Thanks!
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Fresh new details on the Hoping for Palestine DVD have appeared thus (amongst other places, I'm sure):


For the lazies (like me), here's the track listing:

Steve Mason (Beta Band)
1. Dry The Rain

Nick Cave
2. Jack The Ripper

3. Walking With Jesus
4. Lord Let It Rain On Me
5. Oh Baby
6. Cheapster
7. Come Together
8. I Think I'm In Love
9. Take Your Time
10. Smiles

Primal Scream
11. Accelerator
12. Miss Lucifer
13. Rocks
14. Jailbird
15. Medication
16. Movin' On Up

Drool cloths at the ready.