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23 June 2005 @ 09:33 am
from the mailing list ..  
... in case you haven't seen it ...

16th June 2005


Spaceman played with Patti Smith at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of
her Meltdown. The evening, Pages From Chaos, was a celebration of William S
Burroughs, and also featured Matthew Shipp, Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore,
Tilda Swinton and Marc Rebot. Check here for a review....


Patti plays every night this week, culminating in a performance of
Horses on Saturday the 25th.


21st June 2005


Detroit's finest, The Dirtbombs, came down to record vocals and stuff
at Amazing Grace studios for the new Spiritualized Record. They've just
release a double album; check it out if you ain't already...


Friday 24th June 2005

Spaceman is playing records at the Razz club in Barcelona. Doors open
at 1.00am.

Tuesday 28th - 30th June 2005

We're recording the strings sessions for the new record... Phase Two of the new website should be rolling out next week too, so keep checking back. The idea is to make the site content heavy, and you'll have to log in to the members area to gain full access. The new webshop will be opening shortly too, with some very exclusive items.

Take care,

J. Spaceman

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