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Is there any other site besides, ebay, and where I can purchase the "world's highest band" t-shirt in a large size? It seems to be out of stock. Thanks~!

Floating . . .

Aha. Ahaha. I have my tickets. For a Mr J Spaceman acoustic show. With a string quartet. And a mini gospel choir.

And a whole lot of love. 

Hi, by the way. *waves like a goof* Nice place you got here.
ape man

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As a musician who has just started writing music, it's incredibly easy to copy off of Jason. Maybe because lots of his songs are only two chords, and I barely know shit about chords....I'll be an individual one day.

Yes, I'm who's behind the Jason Pierce myspace. It's funny what kind of notes I get, despite the title "made by a fan for fans".
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kate stairs

erm, a new release but not?

guitarloops is gonna be available in about seven days and will be v. limited . this is NOT a spiritualized record but part of john coxon and ashley wales' improv series for their treader imprint { all are worth checking out }. its gonna have to be first come first served. release 27.1.06 at 9pm gmt so yr all awakeish , s p a c e m a n

in case you didn't see it on the official site.

oh god, jayson, hurry the fuck up and release something. i need new spz music with which to torture my aunt on long car trips.
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Do it over again.

This is a weird request but does anyone have screencaps or pictures from the Do it all over again video? Oh and does anyone have any spacemen 3 videos on their comp? The only one I know of is for big city. Thanks in advance.
kate stairs


Get thee hence!

The new site's gone live ... and oohhhh, what a site it is ... videos, behind the scenes clips, (a ridiculously selective amount of) photos, merchandise ...

... even if the latest piece of news is a nasty nasty shock.

What the fuck is periorbital cellusitis???


also, what the hell, layout change to keep up with the official site ...

... intensive care, critical unit ...

*wanders off, cursing under breath*
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