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_spiritualists2's Journal

The RELIGION of Spiritualism
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I thought I'd create an ACTIVE community for people interested in the RELIGION of Spiritualism.

Try to stay on topic about the religion itself, and if its slightly off topic please make it a protected post so that the general community stays on topic. Also same if you just have general questions about the lj group itself, make it a protected post.. thx :)

Since there is a wide variance on the fine points of Spiritualism there is a second group branched off this one to discuss the finer points of the beliefs. spiritualistdis Things may get a bit rowdy in that other (new) group, but here Id like them to stay focused on just the basics :)

Also if your post is longer than a paragraph please put an lj cut in thanks. The comment will be easy for members to find because of the new layout and the topic tabs on the left side.