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(no subject)
womaninredxx wrote in _spiritualists2
I set up a discussion/debate group spiritualistdis because I wanted this one to stay on topic and focused on the BASICS. There is a lot of variance in the fine points of Spiritualism from things like reincarnation etc, and feel free to debate ALL of that at the OTHER site..

Id like this group to stay focused on stuff like finding other lj users who belive the same thing, finding churches and groups, websites and books, basic stuff like that.

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Perhaps a long comment but will give you an idea of how I think and if you go to "Gems of Thought" you will find lots to discuss. I have been a Spiritualist for 53 years.

Imagine if you can, your life beginning millions of years ago before the earth came into use for man to experience a physical body. Each change of spiritual body puts you into a different "world of existence" Remember, Jesus said, "In my fathers house there are many mansions." He was putting the truth into terms the people of that time could understand. Those "mansion's" are the different spiritual worlds or planes of existence. The soul, hopefully travels through those planes each time progressing a little more, each time learning that the greatest way to reach God is to forget self, to concentrate on others in the society you live in by helping those in need without any thought of any payment.
I am a very practical person, I have gone through life solving how to fix my car, how to build a shed, how to create a garden. I like to have order in the things I do. I can see a great order in the way Zodiac explains what life is. Some may think I am a religious freak but that is not so. I have a good grasp of business matters, accounting, I know how to run a diving school and a lot about underwater technology. I was trained as a marine engineer and practically I can repair engines and pumps so you see I have that hands on practical streak in my nature. The point of telling you all that is that I apply the same criteria to spiritual knowledge, it has to make sense, it has to have order, there has to be a reason otherwise I would look for answers to life elsewhere. Oh, I am also a man that calls a spade a spade, I say what I think in plain terms so everyone can understand.

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