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How did you find Spiritualism?
womaninredxx wrote in _spiritualists2
I wasnt sure whether to to protect this post or not so if you arent comfortable with posting on it you can make a protected post. But I was just wondering how others came to it. My story is a bit personal and Ive shared it with a few, but Id rather not post it publically, but I was wondering if any others would like to share theirs?

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I was wondering if any others would like to share theirs

Quite happy to share my story of how I came to Spiritualism. For the first 30 years of my life I was brought up in an Evangelical Christian family and lived a full Christian life, attending Church, prayer meetings, spending two years on a Christian Community in the UK. Then, after I was divorced I became disillusioned with organised religion; I felt unsettled and started reading loads about Jesus and how bible scholars didn't believe he was the son of God, and basically I read books which showed a different side of Christian beliefs. I am someone for whom things have to make sense, and for which there has to be some evidence to convince me. Although my Christian beliefs soon fell away, I still feel that there is a spiritual dimension to life. And this is what led me to spiritualism. A broader spirituality than mere Christianity, which I think has monopolised spirituality in the West. With Spiritualism, on the other hand, we have the freedom of believing in God and believing in the continuance of life beyond death (and before birth). There is much less structure and hierarchy to control what we spiritualists believe, and there is no set down 'beliefs' to which you have to adhere, or be thrown out.
As for making sense, I read alot of books by mediums and about mediums. Their perspectives on the afterlife and the nature of the physical world are consistent, and the quality mediums I have witnessed in action certainly provide proof of life after death; far more than can be explained by so-called 'cold reading' or other methods.

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