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Books/Internet Sites

What books or internet sites on Spiritualism do you guys reccomend to people or are your favorites?

(Just added the "on Spiritualism part later) Later. Im reposting my posts from Jan 10 and 16 here just so the site is more organized :)

that may answer some peoples questions..

From my Jan 10 post cutting and pasting (and deleting my unreplied to old posts):

Somewhere to start: http://www.eternal.ndirect.co.uk/page1.htm is the front page of a site I found. But it may be easier to start herehttp://www.eternal.ndirect.co.uk/page10.htm or here: http://www.eternal.ndirect.co.uk/page3.htm

Jan 16
This is the search I did: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=spiritualist+beliefs&btnG=Google+Search



II. Beliefs of the Group

The main belief of Spiritualists is that a spirit world coexists overlapping the material world. When a person dies, his or her soul moves to the spirit world and will continue to progress for eternity. Each progression of the soul takes it closer to God. People can develop their souls through developing spiritual qualities in either this world or the next. Spiritualists' belief in the afterlife differs from other religions such as Christianity in that they believe the spirits of the dead can communicate with the living through mediums and psychics, and that they actively act as guides to help the living develop their souls.

Spiritualism has several main priniciples that its followers abide by. These can vary in number from seven to nine depending on their source. Here are some according to New-Age On-Line Australia

1. The Fatherhood of God: God is infinite and permeates everything. He has infinite love, He is perfect, and people are a part of God.

2. The Brotherhood of Man: Service to other people is a way to improve one's spirit. A person should not do good things for other people just to improve themselves, he or she should do good out of pure unselfishness and love for other people and God. Bringing about "economic security, peace, charity, and culture" to other people are great ways to enhance one's own spirit and those of others.

3. Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels: The essence of human beings is their spirit, and this makes the spirits of the departed able to communicate with people. The subconscious is the spirit, and so most people are not aware when a dead spirit is guiding them. However, those people with a close link between the conscious and unconscious (mediums) are aware of these spirit guides. This is how Spiritualists know the soul is immortal, and that people stay essentially the same when they die.

4. Continous Existence of the Human Soul: The soul exists for eternity, and spiritualism proves this by communicating with those who visit from the spirit world. People should not live their lives with merely the material world in mind, they should live in terms of their eternal life. The soul continually progresses through different planes of existence to serve and become closer to God.

5. Personal Responsiblity: People are responsible for their own thoughts and actions. People have to atone for evil acts and negative thoughts, and continually strive to lead a moral life.

6. Compensation and Retribution for all Good and Evil Deeds Done on Earth: This principle can be summed up in the cliche "what goes around comes around." All the evil a person does will lead to painful struggles in either this life or the spirit world, and all the good they do will lead to happiness and spiritual advancement.

7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul: There is always progress to be made, and what one must accomplish never ends. Primitive instincts trap people in the material world, and so people must struggle against these to reach a higher spiritual consciousness.

Other Spritualist Ideas:

1. Vibration: Everything and everyone in the universe vibrates. Turmoil and negative feelings cause low (slow) vibration, and happiness and love cause high (fast) vibration. You can sense the vibrations in a room, object or person. God has the highest vibration of all. Mediums are able to communicate with the spirit world because they can raise their vibration high enough to contact it.In this way, mediums are able to give messages from departed spirits to their living relatives and friends.

2. Healing: Spiritual healing is related to the concept of vibration. The healer raises his or her vibration to allow positive healing energy to course through them. Positive thoughts and actions create positive energy throughout the world, and the healer draws on this. The healer acts as a channel for healers from the spirit world. A healer can heal by working on someone's aura who is with them, or heal someone far away through meditation. According to Spiritualists, spiritual healing can alleviate physical and emotional problems.

3. Psychics and Predicting the Future: Spirits in the spirit world can see more variables in a person's life, and so can give accurate predictions on what is most likely to going to happen to that person in the future. Spiritualists are quick to say that psychics do not tell what is definitely going to happen, just what is most likely to happen.

4. New Age Connection: Spiritualism has contributed significantly to the more generalized new age movement. The New Age movement is a vague term for an ecclectic group of ideas that derive from Eastern religious traditons, Western religious traditions, and Paganism. In general, New Agers believe spirituality is very individual and that all people are divine. Some New Agers believe even the trees and earth are divine, and others believe in reincarnation. The way the New Age movement has derived itself from spiritualism is in some of its methods of developing spirituality. Many New Agers believe in spiritual healing, channeling, ESP, dream interpretation, and many other psychic and supernatural phenomeona as ways of developing spirituality by contacting spirits or getting in touch with one's past lives. Thse are all methods spiritualists use to communicate with the spirit world. Spiritualism is often referred to as a new age religion.


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