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(no subject)
waxine wrote in _spiritualists2
I just completed Spiritual Insight Training I at Lily Dale. It was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait for part II! Drop me a line or friend me .. I would love to talk to others.

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I would love to hear some more about what you learnt.

Oh, it was just amazing. The energy of all of us, the interconnectedness. We did a lot of energy healing and learned how to give messages to one another. The messages I received were just what I needed to hear, gave me the answers I'd been seeking but was unable to find on my own... in particular, several people sensed my dead grandmother standing behind me and my dead father, as well as their personalities and things they would have done and said. I see them behind me all the time but hadn't mentioned it. It was just amazing, to feel like people really knew me. I don't get that much because I am a quiet person and hard to read. And I was also told that messages I delivered to people were helpful to them.. it was just an amazing experience all around.

Lucky you! I'd love to do something like that.

Do you happen to know the website for Lily Dale off-hand by any chance?

We have something similar in the UK at standsted hall the prices are about the same as lily dale. I have never been as I can't afford it.

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