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Hello Friends
digital_jay wrote in _spiritualists2
Call myself a Clairvoyant... I should have known that you hit the add community link instead of monitor community button... so that answers my question as to why I couldn't post...

Well greetings friends, my name is Jay. I am not going to give my full life story in this entry or in any others because its not a therapy group lol. I've been working with spirit for about 16 years on and off, I first started when I was around 16 and studied and lived it till I was going on 19 and then walked away from it and then back to it and then away from it again until middle of last year when I was told to go back to the Church and that was the start of this path which I have now been on for the last 8 months and its been hard going.

I've just recently found out that I have a new guide, one who I am still getting used to considering... however I can't really go into it on here at the moment because as you'll appreciate there is a whole trust issue and gaining trust. However I am willing and open to discussing all the good and the bad elements of this path we walk and perhaps you can learn some of the lessons that you may have to learn on your own path of development that is after all one of the purposes of a community like this.

So for now I guess I am going to leave this entry alone, if I appear abrupt it is not intended, I have a feeling I am typing for two right now... maybe even three... as you will learn I have at least three guides all individual and each is interesting in their own way.

I have a few entries on my journal that I would happily post into here as they are all pertaining to my beliefs and work.

Any questions I will glad answer them.

Your friend