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womaninredxx wrote in _spiritualists2
Moving this back because I'm closing the other community so that there is only this one

Original post May 10 2006 by digital_jay wrote in the _spiritualists2
Spiritualism - Comments Welcomed
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Spiritualism is a religious movement, prominent from the 1840s to the 1920s, found primarily in English-speaking countries. The movement's distinguishing feature is the belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by adepts. These spirits are believed to lie on a higher spiritual plane than humans, and are therefore capable of providing guidance in both worldly and spiritual matters. By 1853, when the popular song Spirit Rappings was published, Spiritualism was the object of intense curiousity. A close look shows that some of those at the séance depicted on the sheet music's cover may be playing practical jokes. Read more...Collapse )

Good and evil spirits/Levels of heaven
womaninredxx wrote in _spiritualists2
(Original post May 10 2006

According to Lawton (1932), J. Hewat McKenzie in 1917 established the following distances and names of the spheres:

lst 300-750 miles

2nd 1000-1250 miles

3rd 1350 miles Summerland Read more...Collapse )