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Spiritualism - Comments Welcomed
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Spiritualism is a religious movement, prominent from the 1840s to the 1920s, found primarily in English-speaking countries. The movement's distinguishing feature is the belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by adepts. These spirits are believed to lie on a higher spiritual plane than humans, and are therefore capable of providing guidance in both worldly and spiritual matters. By 1853, when the popular song Spirit Rappings was published, Spiritualism was the object of intense curiousity. A close look shows that some of those at the séance depicted on the sheet music's cover may be playing practical jokes. Collapse )

Thanksgiving Prayer

Yesterday We went to the Fall Sacred Circle Ceremony at church. It was the first time I have ever attended one of these and it was truly beautiful. The mix of paganism and spiritualism was just right, the balance and energy were amazing!

As part of this We had to say a thanksgiving prayer and I thought that some here may like it so I will share it with you.

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I set up a discussion/debate group spiritualistdis because I wanted this one to stay on topic and focused on the BASICS. There is a lot of variance in the fine points of Spiritualism from things like reincarnation etc, and feel free to debate ALL of that at the OTHER site..

Id like this group to stay focused on stuff like finding other lj users who belive the same thing, finding churches and groups, websites and books, basic stuff like that.

Working definition of Spiritualism

I suppose I should actually look it up in Wikipedia, but Spiritualism is the religion a lot of psychics and mediums are. It is a religion based on communicating with the dead, and past that I think Id like a bit of input from member as to their definition of what Spiritualism is so that maybe we could put it up for visitors so they could understand more why were so into it.

How did you find Spiritualism?

I wasnt sure whether to to protect this post or not so if you arent comfortable with posting on it you can make a protected post. But I was just wondering how others came to it. My story is a bit personal and Ive shared it with a few, but Id rather not post it publically, but I was wondering if any others would like to share theirs?

Books/Internet Sites

What books or internet sites on Spiritualism do you guys reccomend to people or are your favorites?

(Just added the "on Spiritualism part later) Later. Im reposting my posts from Jan 10 and 16 here just so the site is more organized :)

that may answer some peoples questions..

From my Jan 10 post cutting and pasting (and deleting my unreplied to old posts):

Somewhere to start: is the front page of a site I found. But it may be easier to start here or here:

Jan 16
This is the search I did:


II. Beliefs of the Group

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I just completed Spiritual Insight Training I at Lily Dale. It was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait for part II! Drop me a line or friend me .. I would love to talk to others.

Open Circles

Hey everyone :-)

I was wondering how many of us here are UK based and also of the UK based people how many of us are within the Glasgow / Lanarkshire area?

The reason for my question is I am either looking for an established open circle or people interested in forming an open circle. If anyone has information or is looking to form one can you let me know please.
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Hello Friends

Call myself a Clairvoyant... I should have known that you hit the add community link instead of monitor community button... so that answers my question as to why I couldn't post...

Well greetings friends, my name is Jay. I am not going to give my full life story in this entry or in any others because its not a therapy group lol. I've been working with spirit for about 16 years on and off, I first started when I was around 16 and studied and lived it till I was going on 19 and then walked away from it and then back to it and then away from it again until middle of last year when I was told to go back to the Church and that was the start of this path which I have now been on for the last 8 months and its been hard going.

I've just recently found out that I have a new guide, one who I am still getting used to considering... however I can't really go into it on here at the moment because as you'll appreciate there is a whole trust issue and gaining trust. However I am willing and open to discussing all the good and the bad elements of this path we walk and perhaps you can learn some of the lessons that you may have to learn on your own path of development that is after all one of the purposes of a community like this.

So for now I guess I am going to leave this entry alone, if I appear abrupt it is not intended, I have a feeling I am typing for two right now... maybe even three... as you will learn I have at least three guides all individual and each is interesting in their own way.

I have a few entries on my journal that I would happily post into here as they are all pertaining to my beliefs and work.

Any questions I will glad answer them.

Your friend
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