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Yes, we are the first SpineShank community on LiveJournal. Accept no cheap knockoffs.

A gathering place for SpineShank fans on LiveJournal. Feel free to join and post anything related to the band (i.e. pictures, lyrics, stories, reviews, links, etc.) We welcome new members.

I don't like having a huge list of rules for the community, so there are only two: If you're going to post more than one picture, a quiz, or a long entry please hide it behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use the lj-cut feature: go here. One thing that is not tolerated is icon theft. Respect other people's work. Don't steal!!!!

Feel free to advertise other bands and if you would like to advertise your community, just ask the maintainer ...

If you'd like to learn more about SpineShank, visit their official site or their label site.

Happy posting.

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