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YAY an icon communtiy! this is my first icon communtiy. i found it whilst casually surfing for a community to join for icon obsessed people like me.
and i just happened to know the creator of this.
i guess i should say comment, credit, and share. also, don't take any of my icons that i don't put up here. i like to have a few for myself, so i can feel special. :3
so yeah, here are some
1. i saw a bunneh. and thus, i created this
2. my friend tracy got this in her e-mail, so i made an icon out of it.
3. my friend ashleigh loves tom welling, but she doesn't use my icons, so i put it here!
4. IIDX anyone? from cheer train
5. i think this is one of my biggest accomplishments. i made this for my friend tracy, whose nickname is hikari.
6. tohru!!! one of, if not my favorite anime, fruits basket!

okay, so that's all for now. expect more soon! :3
bai bai

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    right now i just have icons of german bands, heh. but yes. i'll post them anyways... Rammstein: 1. 2. 3. - 4. - 5. 1 = Critosph *i

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