DRILLER KILLER (astrokittie) wrote in _speedway,

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I finaly posted!!

Well, after Soba's pestering me to join, and my laziness in not making things, I finaly have something to show. Uh, Yay!


  • yay for icons!

    right now i just have icons of german bands, heh. but yes. i'll post them anyways... Rammstein: 1. 2. 3. - 4. - 5. 1 = Critosph *i

  • (no subject)

    YAY an icon communtiy! this is my first icon communtiy. i found it whilst casually surfing for a community to join for icon obsessed people like me.…

  • (no subject)

    Be evil. Steal bandwidth. >D Uh.. For the .hack pictures, I scanned them in out of a magazine... I can't remember who I stole Rinoa and Miroku…

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