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umm....WOO! Lookit my sucky icons! :D

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I've made three icons to post up here. o-o

1) <img src="">
2) <img src="">
3) <img src="">

1-Umm....Icon of Sakura, from Naruto. (note that I have NEVER read the manga or seen the anime before. XD;; I dunno what's even going on there exactly, I just found the picture amusing. o-o) the picture off of a quiz thingy... (Er, and the text blinks, but it's kinda hard to tell. o_O)
2- Zim Icon. Got the picture to make this from <a href="">here.</a>
(eh, the blinking looks kinda weird...but there were only two screen shots there of the scene... o-o)
3- Uhh...Some icon of Dib. XD; (which turning it into a .gif kinda messed up the colors. Oh well.) the picture from <a href="">here.</a>

Uh...and can ANYONE PLEASE tell me where I could download some neat fonts? o-o *doesn't have least not anything that looks any good when it's nothing good for icons really.*
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