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_spectre's Journal

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New location of the Special Executive: REVERE, MA.

Actually, this community has nothing at all to do with James Bond. It's also a closed community, so you can't join unless I add or invite you, nyah-nyah-nyah.

After stumbling upon some other lame community that was intended to be a special super-excluseive hangout but was actually moderated by a chode, it occured to me that we need a group community... and on top of that, we need one that doesn't suck and actually gets written in! Oh yes!

(no offense to Shaun... if the other community was run by Shaun, instead of being a watered-down lame excuse for a temple to Shaun's Holy Monkeyness run by a tool, it might actually be worth joining.)

Think of this community as being like the Olive Garden... "When ya heah, ya family!"

SPECTRE is, obviously, a very cryptic and secret-agent-y anagram:

Terrors of
Revere in the

That was totally the lamest anagram poem ever, thank you letter E.

Anyways, post shit in here about plans for things, get-togethers, ranting about lame people, and other stuff that is too cool for the outside world. Yeah. Offensive is okay, here, because ain't nobody gonna do a damn thing about it. So Chris can just LET LOOSE, and The Joe can express his "controversial" political opinions on diversity and liberals.

In the famous words of Mike's studly evil twin...


Your Evil Leader: _razorbladesky

ps - Fan Page! Oo0o0o0oh!