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The Brit-Picker's Guide to the Galaxy

Speak No Evil
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Welcome to _speaknoevil_, this is a development and newsletter community for the Speak No Evil Project.

An extensive Brit-Picking Manual, the project is in its earliest stages at present, but will eventually provide a comprehensive cultural guide for all writers not native to the United Kingdom.

From details on currency to places to visit and social etiquette, Speak No Evil should cover as much of British Culture as you will ever need to know in writing fiction.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to contribute, please feel free to leave comments in entries or email alfirin_kirinki and ashe_frost at the email address above.

The community is closed membership as it functions mainly as a newsletter, but do add _speaknoevil_ to your flist to keep up to date

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas or shown their support for the project at this early stage!