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Initial Draft: Section One - Money

This is the very first (very rough) draft of the Money section. We'd love someone to describe Scottish notes for us (they're a bit different to the English ones, although they both accepted in the whole UK, provided they have the word 'Sterling' printed on them) and if anyone out there wants to have a go at going more indepth on banks, please send it to as at the usual address.


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Topic List

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These are the current sections planned for the Manual. If you can see any major sections we have missed, do let us know in comments.

So as not to flood people's friend lists with posts, we will try to spread out posts on individual topics over a period of days/weeks. If, when you have read through those you can spot any omissions or would like to request more indepth coverage of any aspects you can also comment on the relevant posts and we will endeavour to clear that up.

Initial drafts of the 'Money' and 'Shops: Groceries' sections have already been written, but need to be 'beta'd' before we post them here. The good news, however, is that they should be at a reasonable standard by next weekend, so do watch this space.

Thanks for all your comments so far - any in-put is appreciated.

ashe_frost will be joining the ranks as a moderator as soon as we can establish why LJ isn't sending on the invites!
Me: Jumping For Heroes

Welcome to the Speak No Evil Project!

Calling All Ficcers

Some time ago, it was suggested that what fanfiction writers in the Harry Potter fandom truly needed, was less an English/American dictionary, but a guide to areas of British culture that really did not over-lap too well. Now, several months later, we have taken the foolish decision to make this colossal task into a project.

While we are both Harry Potter fans and the Manual is largely borne of the anguish inflicted by 'untranslated' fics (or just misinformed writers), we don't want to make it exclusive, and we would like your help - and the help of people you know - to cover as many aspects of Brit-Picking as possible, making it accessible to as many fandoms as possible.

This will not just be an English/American dictionary, but more like a survival guide to aid those not so versed in the British way of life. We plan to cover as many aspects as possible, including:

  • Money - identification and value (did you know the British £10 note is orange and features Charles Darwin?);
  • Clothing - what not to make them wear (Burberry=Chav);
  • Places - where they'd live, where places are and why a low wage won't buy you a flat on the Thames...
  • Culture and Etiquette - pubs, clubs and not speaking to people on the Tube...
  • Shops - we've never been to Wal-Mart.
  • Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil - why Hermione would really never tell Ron to "Hand me them goddamn cookies, already!"
  • A Dictionary-style list of common mistakes and their alternatives.

    We are also considering:

  • A Brit-Picking service - a list of people who volunteer to Brit-Pick for other writers;
  • A Recs Page - a recs list of fics that illustrate Brit-Culture accurately (includes both British writers and international writers more adept at the practise).

    This will probably all be placed on a website of its own in time, for everyone to access as and when they need to.

    If you think you can help by writing up descriptions of places you know (they don't always live in London!) or local culture that significantly differs from that of us cold-shouldered Southerners, drop us an email at speaknoevilproject @

    If you would like make suggestions for the Dictionary please submit them in comments with anything else you would like to add.

    If you don't mind spreading the word by linking to this post, we would be incredibly grateful.

    We hope you'd all like to help us - this is going to be quite a project!