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Speak is where teens can come together and debate and start topics on subjects. Topics range from abortion to racism, and language is discarded.

one. Personal attacks WILL NOT be tolerated. Bringing up the past, putting personal information, or attacking the other person because of age/race/disability/mental problem/background.
two. You must be over 12 to debate. I was about to discard this rule, but I noticed some things I didn't want in my community. Sorry.
three. You must fill out an application.
four. LJ-Cut your application. No LJ-cut, no acceptance. ^_^
five. Have fun! Don't be shy.

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After you post your application, you will be voted in. After 5 YES votes, you will be accepted. Congratulations! If you have more than 5 votes, and NO overrules the YESs, then you will be rejected. :(

Be sure to COMMENT your reply. Not make a new post about it. Thanks. This'll cut down on page loading.

Thanks to loser_ed for the ideas on the User info. <3