Svarte Madame (industrialfilth) wrote in _speak,
Svarte Madame

Name: Catlien (pronounced like "Kaitlyn")
State/country: Massachusetts, USA
Age: 18

Favorite bands: Tori Amos, Collide, Claire Voyant

Favorite books: Doomsday Book & Passage by Connie Willis

Favorite movies: Star Wars trilogy, psychological thrillers

Coke/pepsi: Pepsi
Orange juice/milk: Milk
Eggs/bacon: Eggs
Book/movie: It really depends.  Was it a movie or a book first? 
Burger King/McDonalds:  McDonald's, but I'd rather Wendy's over both.
Computer/laptop: I have both and I must say I perfer my computer.
Recycle/trash: Recycle

Drugs: Everyone is free to his or her own choices, but personally I can't think of a better word to describe drugs than "lame".  They ruin your life, and the lives of those around you. I have done them in the past, and looking back I realize it was a bad decision.  We grow, we learn. 
Animal abuse: Is wrong.  People seem to think that just because animals aren't humans they don't feel.
Eating animals: It's a part of life, it's called "nature". My response to vegatarians when they tell me I'm eating a living creature is, "So are you."  Plants are alive, just as much as cows, chickens, pigs, etc. 
Eating disorders:  Are mental conditions, which most people don't realize.  They can be often serious, and people in these situations should be gotten the proper help they need.
Pop music:  Whatever floats your boat.  Personally, I enjoy some pop music (mostly 80s) but it's not my musical preference.
George W. Bush: Should not be in office.  Period.

Why do you think you should be in speak?:  I'm an opinionated, yet open-minded person who loves a good heated (but civil and mature) debate.
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