Sara (blessedsmile) wrote in _speak,

Name: Hello. My name is Sara Nicole. You killed my father. Prepare to die! (sorry, couldn't resist;-) )
State/country: Southern California, USA
Age: 17 in two weeks:)

Favorite bands: U2 and Lonestar are pretty high up there. Sister Hazel as well.

Favorite books: The Phantom Tollbooth, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Scarlet Letter.

Favorite movies: The Princess Bride, Never Been Kissed, and the Scream Trilogy.

Coke/pepsi: I generally avoid caffeine; I'm plenty hyper without it. I drink loads of water.
Orange juice/milk: both good, but milk
Eggs/bacon: bacon. No, eggs. erm...a blueberry bagel!
Book/movie: book
Burger King/McDonalds: Burger King
Computer/laptop: laptop
Recycle/trash: recycle! I've carried around bottles for a bit longer than average in search of bins, but that's alright:)

Drugs: If alcohol and tobacco are legal, pot should be as well. In addition, I think that many people simply do drugs BECAUSE they aren't supposed to, and if they were more accepted there would be fewer people with drug problems. Similarly, I think the US has so many drunk drivers (as opposed to the UK, for instance) because everyone wants to deny being drunk, and again, if it were more accepted, fewer people would drive drunk because they would acknowledge their drunkeness instead of trying to hide it.
Animal abuse: Horrible horrible horrible.
Eating animals: If you can go vegetarian, good for you, but I haven't managed it yet, and I won't yell at you if you haven't either.
Eating disorders: I don't understand the point of bulimia. It makes you retain water, which is pretty counterproductive. I understand people who have anorexia, but I don't condone it.
Pop music: It's alright sometimes. I really like a couple songs, such as "Addicted," which made my laugh so hard the first time I heard it I can't help but love it.
George W. Bush: Ugh. Where to start? His oil war, I suppose. I just finished The Crucible, which is based on the McCarthy hearings, and it's amazing how much it parallels the war today. There was even a line in the play about being "either with us or against us" that I swear was almost identical to a quote I'd recently heard from him.

Why do you think you should be in speak?: Lately I've been really into debating, and people who can actually support their arguments. I think that I could contribute here and potentially get a lot out of the experience.

**Last two not required**

How did you get here?: I typed "debates" into an interests search.

Picture: I don't have any recent ones uploaded. There's an old one in my user info, if you're interested.
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