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Interview with SpaceElevator proponent Dr. Bradley Edwards.

The money will eventually come. With a space elevator, the day you build it and the first elevator you send up, the value of the company will easily become ten times what was put into it, with just the market that’s available; and that’s assuming you don’t do anything intelligent like build the next one at a much lower cost, or develop new commercial applications, etc.


It would be great if we could get NASA involved but I don’t know where they would fit, and I don’t feel obligated to get them to fit. If private enterprise comes up and says here’s the money, lets go do it, then we should do it. There’s a whole lot more money in the private side of our economy than the public side. So if a project comes up which has a good business case, then private enterprise will get right on it. In terms of resources that NASA could reallocate, it’s pretty limited. A lot of their resources are tied up, unless they were to shut down one of their centers. The billion dollars a year they’re spending on is all they could scrape together without firing people.

SE News Articles:

Sorry this is such a mess, but here are a bunch of new articles on the Space Elevator from over the past couple of months.

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NASA contest entry

Hi everyone,
This is my first entry here. I just thought everyone here might be interested to know that two LJers who are near and dear to me have entered NASA's 2010 space elevator contest. I'm helping spread the word about it because they are trying to raise money to build their machine with the best materials. I think they have a really good idea for the design and a real chance at winning! If you'd like to help by buying a t-shirt, or if you're just interested or want to talk shop with them check out the web site at There's a blog tracking their progress. Thanks!

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NPR's Talk of the Nation featured the Space Elevator and Brad Edwards this week. "Though a science fiction staple for years, some technologists say that getting a lift into space on an elevator may not be as far-fetched as it seems. We'll find out about what progress has been made towards creating such a massive engineering feat."

You can listen here:

There is a Slashdot discussion of the NPR story:

Also, if anyone is thinking of giving a space elevator presentation, Brad Edwards has provided a nice powerpoint for free download here: