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There has been a lot of activity on the space elevator front in the past couple of months. Here are some articles to keep you up to date:

Russia Studies Exotic Lunar Elevator,, 12/04/06
Protecting Nasa's Prizes, MSNBC, 12/01/06
An elevator to space … out of this world?, Kansas City Star, 11/29/06
Space Elevator 2007 Competition Registration Open and new Rulebooks, Space Elevator Reference, 11/20/06
Interview with Ben Shelef, Space Elevator Blog, 11/20/06
Space elevator ride may kill humans due to ionizing radiation, Engadget, 11/14/06
Space elevators: 'First floor, deadly radiation!', New Scientist, 11/13/06
Onward (and upward), Rocky Mountain News, 11/11/06
New YouTube Space Elevator videos, Space Elevator Blog, 11/05/06
Actually, they really are rocket scientists, Toronto Star, 10/26/06
NASA's First Annual Space Elevator Competition ends with no winners, Engadget, 10/24/06
Robot climber comes oh-so-close to prize, MSNBC, 10/23/06
Tensions rise at space elevator challenge, New Scientist, 10/22/06
Canadians vie for space elevator victory, CBC News, 10/21/06
Nowhere to Go But Up,, 10/19/06 (Videos)
Even on the ground, space elevators may have uses, New Scientist, 09/26/06
Nasa hopes to catch an elevator to space, Guardian, 09/03/06
Can high wi-fi boost space elevator?, MSNBC, 08/03/06
Interview with Dr. Bradley Edwards,, 10/14/05

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