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Two articles on Stephen Hawking's call for humans to colonize space in order to ensure the survival of the species. In the article it is suggested that a space elvator may be the means to reach these ends.
Will An 'Elevator To The Top' Ever Mean Truly To The Top,
Hawking says space is the live,

A study by Nicola Pugno of the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy claims that Nanotubes may not reach the 62 gigapascals of tension when produced in mass quantity. This is the amount of tension that the ribbion would need to withstand to create a functioning space elevator.
Nanotubes Might Not Have the Right Stuff,

Jeff Bezos is using his millions he earned from to start up a new space transportation company called Blue Origin. The company is working to develop a "reusable, vertical-takeoff-and-landing rocket ship called the New Shepard."
Blue's Rocket Clues,

Here is a review of the new Liftport book.
Book Review: Liftport: Opening Space To Everyone,

Not all bad news on the nanotube front.
Rice develops novel method to sort nanotubes by diameter,

Spaceward Foundation dangles another prize in $250,000 Telerobotic Challenge.
Spaceward Foundation and NASA create US$250,000 Telerobotic Challenge,

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