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The traitorous whore's weekend....

Wow....this weekend was great. I already detailed Thursday....Friday I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Kait, Richard, and Kendra for the 2nd time. We danced like whores at the end and did some whore-ish things to Kendra. We sang with all the Oompa Loompa songs too. Twas great fun. Me and Kait did a little sexy dance for Kendra too. Then we went to Caitlynn's and had fun watching Fake and The Lost Empire. Kait, Richard, and Sally all left early-ish so it was just me, Kendra, Andrea, and Caitlynn. Caitlynn and I were the last ones awake...and may I say whoever made that lava cake...I LOVE YOU! In the morning Caitlynn's mom made pancakes and we watched part of Cats while eating them and drinking hot chocolate. We had to leave kind of early so we watched some more of Cats at Kendra's house because Caitlynn had some kind of choir camp to go to. Later that night...(dun dun dun) I went to get Kendra and we went to the Notre Dame Halloween Dance. We kind of sat in a corner waiting for Keishia to get there and such and were really hyper and laughing. Once Keishia and the rest of the party arrived Ken and I took a slight detour to the bathroom because we hadn't had time to put make-up on so we spent some time doing that. They played all kinds of songs we knew so we danced around like maniacs when we finally got to the gym. I think I spent half the night trying to tap Keishia's friend Briana on the shoulder and introduce myself. It was wicked funny. The first slow song that came on....this is awesome...everyone else got into pairs...me and Kendra....DID BALLET!! Isn't that great!?!? Yeah...I did little dancin' to some rap....Goddess I haven't danced so much since Homecoming. Briana was dressed up as Willy Wonka down to the purple rubber gloves ....she's awesome! Keishia was a 950lb. ballerina which was like a total rarity among the little twigs I could have snapped in half...damn little preps. Linsey....where do I start with her? She'd fit in well with our group at school let's just say that. Juxtaposition is a fun word and a damn good one too. I forget what it means though. Anyways...they played Spice Girls like right at the beginning of the dance which made me really happy...and I got to do my little Cotton-Eyed Joe dance.....and then toward the end this awesome techno song came on and I kind of did a little breakdancing to it and tried to do the lean-back thing with Briana but she was holding her cane so we kind of had to go slow but it was really fun. I even dance to ::shudder:: a Britney Spears song.....and did the Macarena which is always fun...I discovered a fellow Invader Zim addict in Briana which made me really happy....Yes...Sitting in the NDA lunchroom was quite an interesting experience to say the least....and me and Kendra were like the only two Gothic people there. The rest was preps. I was scared. We had fun anyways. We went back to Kendra's house and watched an episode of Smallville before we crashed...That was one freakish episode. Then we got up early this morning and had breakfast....and went to Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley to volunteer for the Special Olympics. That was fun. It taught me a lot too. You know how people always say people who are "mentally challenged" are different from us? They're not. They're just as normal as we are. I met Eddy-Joe's brother Berry there. He's a really sweet guy. These people are just so....happy with themselves...they don't even realize how much people ostracize them because of who they are. I wish I could live as happily as they do. Up close they seem so ordinary and friendly....Not like from when you first see them and don't even know them and you're just like "Ugh...retarded person alert." I'm guilty of it though I try not to do it. Stereotypes are difficult things to break. I think that whole experience was worth it though.....I just remembered....keep November 19 open ok? It's the NDA Fall Fest and I need to give Keishia the names of people who can go...because, no offense, I don't want to go alone...I'm not exactly peachy keen with that just yet. But yeah....It's been fun but I should probably go. I'll keep hounding people until they can come with me though....LOVE YOU GUYS!!
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Oh my fucking god!! Homecoming was a blast!! I actually danced!

Let's see....Yesterday morning we helped Liz move to her new house. That was fun....Trevor got a minor concussion because the entertainment center jumped him. We actually convinced him to go to Homecoming too! Apparently we won our first homecoming game....I wasn't there....and I was sad....because Doepker won't let me play all of a sudden.....(more on that later) Me, Kait, Rabbit, Richard, Jesse, and Josh all partied at Kendra's and watched movies. I did dishes because....well I just did....It was a fun night. I didn't sleep till about 3 or 4....I don't remember....but I was next to Caitlyn and Kendra....and we played "I Never" for a while. When we finished that they started doing stuff....and I kind of went into the bathroom until they finished. I didn't do anything.....almost cried but I didn't....I got hold of myself before anything could happen. I'm ok.....

After we finished helping Liz move I went back to Mom's and took a nap. I showered and got my shoes and pants that I needed and then went back to Kendra's because my shirt and stuff was there...and that shirt is DEAD SEXY. Mike and Betty were there....and we sang Evanescence while we got ready. I had really hot makeup on....2 colors of eyeliner and such....I felt HOT. I was in all black...my hair was PURPLE (still is) and I had black and turquoise eyeliner on. Kendra did my eyeshadow and stuff....She's a great makeup artist. Kait and Kendra and Betty looked DEAD SEXY too. I love them. Mike and Betty started the Green Cult, which I happily joined. I got a green ribbon! I forgot my ticket at Mom's so she had to drop it off for me....because I'm an idiot. Liz was hot, Caitlynn was hot, Jesse was hot, Richard was hot, everyone was hot! While we waited for my mom to drop my ticket off we started quoting Robin Williams....and the vice principal was about 10 feet away when we started screaming his skit on golf. It was hilarious. When we got inside they were playing Mambo No. 5 so of course I had to do the dance to it...because it was the last dance routine I did before I stopped dancing.

As I stated before....I ACTUALLY DANCED!! It made up for the 2 years of Homecomings that I didn't dance much. I actually felt comfortable grinding with Liz and Mike and Kendra and Betty and Tracy. I slow danced with Carissa and Liz for a few minutes...once...but otherwise I sat those out. I had a really fun time. I'm so proud....I can go clubbing now! I know how to grind! HOORAY!! I was dancing so much I didn't get the chance to take many pictures. We had fun doing a tribal dance around JP and Jesse and Josh once....I forget for which song.....and we did some headbanging...and I played air guitar and air drums.....which was the bomb...even if it was in the proximity of Jenny (::hiss::). Kendra stood there watching me while I did that. THEY PLAYED THRILLER!!! I was so happy.....it brought back memories of field show from last year....and the zombie scatter....that was the shit. We danced to Barbie Girl and the Hamster Dance....there were a shitload of songs....I hardly sat down! It was exciting!! We went back to Kendra's around 11:30 but we stopped at Festival first to get food....and Monster....Kendra looked sad...but we had some fun...and I took a picture of Kait being sexy in the middle of Festival in her absolutely gorgeous dress....that was really hard to do the Macarena in apparently.....I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
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OMFG TODAY WAS AWESOME!! I'm keeping up with school and actually understanding it! AAAAAAAAAND....


There was an assload of people there too. I'm so happy!!

Mmmm....nothing like eating cereal while wrapped in a dryer fresh blanket. Yummy....so warm.

I feel so good.....
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Oh my god...I never thought I'd say this about school...but....SQUEEEEEEEEE!! I'M SO HAPPY TO BE THERE!! It sucks that I couldn't take band or choir this year but I'm going to go in as much as I can so I can still do stuff with them. THE NEW BAND TEACHER IS A FRENCH HORN MAJOR!! I'M SO EXCITED!! I went to meet her on the first day after AP Music Theory with Sean and I told her I wanted to do as much as I could with band because it wouldn't fit in my schedule. She asked what I played and I said "French horn." She looked like she would cry she was so happy. As I left she's like, "Are you sure there's no way you can fit band in?" It made me sad and happy all at once. I couldn't breathe when I got to Biology I felt so good. The rest of the day was ok. At lunch I ran down to the band room with Kait and the first thing she said when she saw the band teacher was, "I love you." She looked a little scared but then Kait told her she played French horn too. We gave her a hug and then went to eat lunch. The rest of the day was pretty fun...except the fact that JENNY....the bitch from summer gym...has the same lunch hour we do. We didn't see her except for when she informed Kait and me of that that morning. I helped Panya find his locker and his first class. That was cool. I want the button Senora Allen gave him. Today was really average but I had coffee so I was really hyped all day. Richard kidnapped Kait and me at lunch and we went to Burger King and talked a lot. The rest of the day was alright. Nothing really amazing happened. Finally back at mom's...and Spirit is so happy to see me! I can't believe I'm glad to be back at school.
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Arsenic & Old Lace

Saw the first performance tonight with some friends. It was pretty good, guys, and you've managed to convince this young man to join the plays next year. I missed a lot of the dialogue because the interpreters sucked, but from what I could get and the body language... 9/10. Damn good.

I'm surprised that the auditorium was barely even half full. Maybe it's because of the Wisconsin game tonight, more people will show up tomorrow and Sunday?
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Lacrosse, bitches

Date Opponent Time Location

April 16 @ Milwaukee East 12:30 Milwaukee
April 19 @ Neenah 5:00 Neenah
April 23 Appleton 1:00 Southwest
April 26 @ Bayport 5:00 Bayport
April 30 Verona 1:00 Southwest
May 2 Menasha 5:00 Southwest
May 6 @ Notre Dame 7:00 Notre Dame
May 12 Bayport 5:00 Southwest
May 14 TBD 1:00 Southwest
May 17 @ Appleton 5:00 Appleton
May 19 Oshkosh North 5:30 Southwest
May 21 Neenah 2:00 Notre Dame
May 24 Notre Dame 5:00 Southwest

Guys (and girls). COME. At least one game. Please. >_> I've bolded the games that you should come to because they'll be premier games. All times are PM

The team really does look good this year, we won't be 4-7 like last year. We'll be 9-4 at least. AT LEAST. I promise.
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So a guy died here today.


Korgamath: I saw an old guy die today
Korgamath: in real life
Magiblade2K: Was that what the ambulance was for?
Korgamath: yeah
Korgamath: he was a WWII vet
Korgamath: giving a history presentation
Korgamath: and he had a diabetic collapse
Magiblade2K: Ye gods.
Korgamath: he might be dead
Korgamath: was scary though
Korgamath: so thats the second person I will feel guilty for killing
Korgamath: because right before he collapsed I talked to Mr. Zakowski
Korgamath: about my late work
Korgamath: so he was to distracted to make the phonecall for a good minute
Korgamath: >_>
Magiblade2K: Is it bad that I'm almost amused?
Magiblade2K: Eh, probably was his time to go anyway. He should have been like.. 70ish?
Magiblade2K: 75?

so.. yeah, news of the morbid, SW edition.
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(no subject)

Whats with Travis Hanenvuel mking "executive orders?" He has abosolutely no student council power. AT ALL.
he's just a over egoed dick to me. Stencil's president, travis lost ( but apperntly he didn't relize that)

also...southwest is cold...and sick...bah