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South of Hadrian's Wall

a king arthur community

south of hadrian's wall
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Welcome to South of Hadrian's Wall, a community for fans of the 2004 film, King Arthur! Here you'll find icons, fanfiction, plot bunnies, fanart, film stills, and just about anything else King Arthur-related... But mostly icons. (For now, at least.)

* Conversation about the classic Arthurian legend is fine, but please remember that this is primarily a community for the movie, so try to stay mostly on-topic.

* Feel free to post fanfiction or website recommendations, but please include a warning if the story or site's content is above a PG-13 rating or contains slash.

* Please post larger fics or hi-res pictures behind the cut, and please include a rating (G to R, no slash) for each story.

* For icons - unless otherwise noted, credit is not required (but appreciated), but please leave a comment and let the creator know which icon(s) you are taking. Feel free to post icon requests, too!

* The lovely layout was designed by washed_away_art. Thank you! :)

That's pretty much it for the rules, so come inside and join in! Watch out for the occasional Woad, though...

Links to explore:

* I'm in the process of gathering a large collection of film stills - from the sites below along with others - which you can view here: http://photobucket.com/albums/v77/elevenses/King%20Arthur. Feel free to use them however you will.

* Hugh Dancy Online has a nice gallery of Galahad pictures to browse through.

* Ioan Gruffudd Online has lots of pictures, mostly of Lancelot but plenty of the others, too.

* Clive Owen Online is a great resource site, with some very cool icons and a nice photo gallery.

* OutNow.ch has a huge gallery of wonderful hi-res film stills to browse through, some of which I haven't seen anywhere else!

* Stakes & Stones by __kali__ has some fantastic Arthur icons - only Guinevere for now, but she promises more soon!

* Finding Camelot is a fun Yahoo!Group with a good-sized gallery of pictures to look through.

Continue to check back here, as I find new links to share!