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made by shinku on 01/27/05.
under construction.

_soulsonfire is another rating community. But we're not about seeings who's cute, hot, sexy, or whatever. We're here to tell you whether you're real or not. It's a darker side of rating communities. You can join if you think you fit into a scene like punk, rockabilly, metalhead. (Although, we like to lean away from scenes and labels.) If you're fake, we'll tell you. If you fucking kick ass, we'll love you. And if you're hot, well, that's just an added bonus.

Please, we don't want posers, preps, airheads, or anyone who types like a fucking idiot. And if we think you're an idiot, we'll also tell you that. :] But note, we are NOT elitists, nor do we claim to be. We're just not tolerant of stupidity.

[1] After joining the community, you must post an application directly after you join. If you're going to be lazy and wait a little while, what does that have to say about your community participation if you're accepted?

[2] Put your applications under an LJ-Cut. If you don't know how to do this, well, I am very disappointed.

[3] Do not post anything but your application, or reply to any post besides the one with your application until you are accepted. If you're rejected, you shouldn't be doing that either.

[4] We have the right to tell you what we don't like about you. That's the whole point, so if you feel insulted, don't take it to heart. If you bad-talk the stamped members, you're outta here! We also have the right to use a photograph of you only to place upon the members page if you are accepted. If you don't like this, don't apply.

[5] Put "For A Frozen Heart" in the subject line when posting your application so that we know you read this boring thing.

[6] When you're stamped, please say that you are stamped in the subject line, and post all pictures under an LJ-Cut. Also, please ask me before you promote another community. I will more than likely say yes, but please ask first.


Name five favorite bands:
Name five favorite books:
Name five favorite movies:
Who is your favorite actor/actress?:
Who is your role model, and why?:

What do you think about abortion?:
What are your views on Dubya?:
What do you think about the pornography business?:
What is your definition of a poser?:
What is self disrespect to you?:
What do you think of hypocrisy?:
What is the sweetest thing anyone could ever do?:

Do you play any instruments, if so, what?:
What are your special talents?:
Do you have any computer graphics? If so, show us one:

Promote us in at least two places, and give proof: (Use the banner at the top of the info)
Post at least three clear pictures of yourself:
And then post anything you want: