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I sat and watched your heartbeat fade with every breath.
I watched your lips turn blue, your eyes went cold and all,
with all the rest.
I felt the panic and tried to breathe.
Is this happening?


hi my name is vickie, and I came across this site searching for some Story of the year communities, and all the other ones I searched had people but didn't update at all, their last posts was when story of the year was in Taste Of Chaos

I've seen them4 times and I've meet them about 3

I also seen them at taste of chaos..

Well I hope to talk to you all 

- Vickie

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hey, i'm sarah and i just joined. i obviously love story of the year lol. i've been to three concerts and i've met the guys twice. i've liked them ever since i saw the first showing of until the day i die on fuse or something. 
here's one of my pics from the Lock Haven concert

and if you guys haven't heard of a fan site called tastethepoison.com then you should check it out

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Hey guys. I'm new to this community. My friend just got me into SOTY, and I was a fan automatically. Never seen them in concert, but I plan to get concert dates immediatly.
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new years eve

Do you like Adair...and wanna write something to them?

Hey guys, i made one of these for Letter Kills a while ago and someone convinced me to try and make one for Adair. I'll be seeing them on Feb 11th and my friends and i want to get a bunch of fans to write them messages and send in pixx you took when you saw them...and we'll put them in a book for the band, and give it to them.

if you want to be part of this book, please email your message and/or pictures to: truemusic1@yahoo.com

thanks so much. please pass this message along to anyone you think would like to do this...and the dead line is Feb 8th...cuz we have to put everything together. thanks again!!

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I'm new to this community, but I've been a soty fan for a while now. I got back to school about a week ago and I have been trying to find the video sidewalks to download but I have had no luck. I was wondering if anyone could hook me up with it. Thanks!


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hey all nevermind on what i wrote yesterday on changing my username i'm not it's too much work I have all ready made one but it'll just be for me too see so i can write some things.
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