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Where Wolves Fear to Prey. (Fairy Tales, Red Riding Hood.)

Title: Where Wolves Fear to Prey.
Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood.
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: The Wolf, Red Riding Hood.
Summary: The wolf considered the human girl, but he made to leave her there. The forest was his territory, but he wasn't the one who said who lived or died within its ground.
Rating: PG.
A/N: Written for springkink: Fairy Tales, Red Riding Hood/Wolf: straying from the path; full moon; protection vs. fear; stubbornness; "I didn't ask for the Hunter to save me"; "My god, you make a lot of noise"

Where Wolves Fear to Prey.
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For You: Wizard of Oz Fic (Dorothy/Ozma)

Author: Bitterfig

Title: For You

Fandom: L. Frank Baum’s Oz series

Pairing: Dorothy/Ozma

Summary: While no one in Oz has to age, Dorothy and Ozma find they have a reason to grow up.

Beta Reader: Nzomniac

Word Count: 1306

Rating: R

Warnings: Shoujo-ai/femslash. This is not graphic but if you have fond childhood memories of a chaste Dorothy and Ozma you might wish to avoid it.

Author's Note: Written for yuri_challenge using prompt: young “In this land where we can stay young forever, I want to grow up just a little, just for you.

For You

Prince Charming

Thorn was one of the group who spent New Year’s Eve at The Wizard. The pub had a notice advertising an evening in fancy dress as characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes, so we thought we’d be safe enough provided we left before the obligatory unmasking at midnight. Some of us added special effects but most of us just went as ourselves. We mixed happily with Hansels, Gretels, witches, pirates and even some fairies with plastic wings. The landlord had laid on plentiful supplies of Hobgoblin, Tangelwood and other popular ales so the evening was soon proving to be a roaring success.

Thorn was soon deep in conversation with a young man from the village and I could see they were heading for more than talk. Sure enough, by eleven o’clock they were kissing, snuggled together on a settle in the corner of the bar. Some of the regular customers looked slightly affronted but hey! it’s legal and the landlord wasn’t bothered.

We were. This didn’t look likely to end at midnight and whilst I might get away with passing for human in a dark corner, Thorn wouldn’t. Silver hair, spiral horns and jet black eyes might just give the game away. Not to mention his wings, which would be hard to fold and conceal in a hurry.

Yarrow shepherded the others out of the door at about ten to twelve, leaving me to try prising Thorn away from his companion. Difficult. Then it seemed to dawn on him, almost too late. The chimes of Big Ben were already on the radio as he leapt to his feet and pushed through the crowd. His boyfriend tried to tug him back. Fortunately, we wear gloves on occasions like this, to reduce the risk of our claws showing. Thorn pulled sharply and got away, leaving a gossamer-thin glove in the young man’s surprised grasp.

It was no good using the door; the crowds were too thick and Lovelorn would probably follow. We headed into the ‘gents’ and scrambled through a small window into the concealing darkness of the wood. I yelled at Thorn all the way back to our trees, not really listening to what he had to say. Yarrow was waiting to add some yelling too. Eventually we realised that our friend was in tears - shame at nearly giving us away vying with shock at being parted from his soul mate. Which, we gathered, was exactly how he considered the young Oliver Prince, totally human representative of the Cheshire Set.

We made him train with the unicorns all night, to try to take his mind off his misery, but that meant we had to train too, and by dawn our major, joint, new year’s resolution was to leave human pubs well alone next year.

In the morning there were plenty of humans walking on the Edge, enjoying the weak sunshine and the day of leisure. Yarrow and I saw Oliver, alone. He accosted a number of other lone walkers, all male, and showed them the glove. Most just looked bemused; a few laughed at him; one tried the glove on but it didn’t fit. We didn’t tell Thorn. But we might as well have done. By Wednesday they were together, walking, talking and occasionally kissing. Oliver obviously knew by now that his lover’s beauty was no mask but he didn’t seem worried.

We swear not to let humans know about us. All of us take occasional risks. The heavens know I have. But this seemed so deliberate. We managed to separate them and while Oliver was searching the bushes we told Thorn of our concerns. He brushed them aside. Oliver, he assured us, was ‘in the closet’ (a human concept we have never really understood) so far as his family and friends were concerned. Those who might have noticed him in the pub were drunk and unreliable. He would never tell anyone about us, for his own sake. And he rejoined his friend, pretending to have hidden as some sort of game.

This evening I saw them walking hand in hand towards the stone circle. Two young men, cut off from their own communities. Their love will have more than the usual barriers and prejudices to fight. I have doubts about their ability to withstand the storm they have raised. But I wish them joy.
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I hope this is okay...

Author: Emerald Boa

Title: Maybe you can help me think of a good one? I'm leaning towards "The Selkie's Daughter", but that doesn't feel quite right.

Source: The story about a man who kidnaps/marries a seal-woman, the Fairy Bride archetype in general, one of the lesser-known origin stories about the Inuit sea goddess, Sedna

Genre: Magical realism

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 6,400-ish

Summary: Two teenagers try to escape their lonely lives and discover some rather strange things about themselves. We inherit our parents' madnesses, as it's said.

the selkie's daughterCollapse )
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The Seventh Swan

Author: Bitterfig

Title: The Seventh Swan

Source: The Seven Swans from Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Genre: Original Dark Fairy Tale

Rating: R

Beta Reader: Nzomniac

Word Count: 3490

Summary: A post-modern, contemporary retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Seven Swans. 


Witches always have their wars.  Mona is placed under a curse by a rival witch, her seven brothers turned to swans.  For the next seven years, Mona works in silence, weaving the magic shirts that will restore her brothers to human form. 


When the seven years end, the final shirt is unfinished.  Mona’s youngest brother Isaiah--who has spent half his life human, half enchanted--is left behind, alone in the bleak world of reality, one arm the wing of a swan.  


Author’s Note: This is going to be my entry in the_bwg dark fairy tale contest.

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Hansel and Gretel

Author: Bitterfig

Title: All the Treats

Fairy Tale: Hansel and Gretel

Summary: A modern Hansel and Gretel story about a brother and sister taken in by a charming, sinister Candy Maker.  Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a huge inspiration.  That and the White Stripes.  And candy, lots and lots of candy.

Rating: R

Warnings: Incest, threesome, themes of addiction.

Thanks to Nzomniac for Beta-reading this story.


An Explanation

...and an invitation.

It is almost a year since I started this journal (harlequin21) and anyone wanting to know more about myself or my family would need to trawl through a lot of entries, or go to my memories. My memories were in the most awful muddle because I started filing things before I had the faintest idea what I was doing. Now, with my editor’s help, they’re on their way to being sorted and tidied and accessible. It will all be finished by this weekend (4th June 2006).

Nobody needs to read the entries for the various writing comms. They’re all duplicated somewhere in the other sections and are there for organisational purposes and so that comms can check if they need to. That’s Deviant Muses, Drabblemania, Random Fic, Theatrical Muse and Writers Almanac. (I left Theatrical Muse a while ago, but some of the entries had a dual purpose - answering a challenge and furthering my story). I shall cross-post this entry to _sortafairytale.

If you’re only interested in the story, ignore the poems and reviews and reflections. They just tell you more about my feelings etc. The other non-story bits, like ‘Fairy info’, might help make sense of things.

Virtually everything is there, except odd administrative posts like when I was going to be away or whatever. One or two things have inevitably got under more than one heading but I assume you have the sense to realise, and not read them twice!

Hope it all helps! I know it’ll be easier for me to keep track of things!

So for anyone who wants to read a sort of fairy tale, welcome!
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