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I'm retro.

Name: Britta
Age: Nearly 15
Location: Down in G town, PA.
Three words to describe yourself: Clever, devious, passionate (a fancy word for obsessive)
Top 10 Bands: Phantom Planet, Rilo Kiley, The Like, Tori Amos, The Postal Service, Of Montreal, Weezer, The Donnas, The Killers, No Doubt.
Top 10 Movies: Ed Wood, All I Wanna Do, Moulin Rouge, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Benny & Joon, The Virgin Suicides, Garden State, Bewitched, Big Fish, The Grudge.
Your rolemodel and why: Tori Amos. Because she's smart and talented and revolutionized the role of women and pianos in the music industry.
What do you believe in: God (because I think I'd be smited (or is it smitten? or smote?) if I didn't say that one), the power of orange knickers, the fashion industry, the goodness of humanity, and the Easter Bunny.
What dont you believe in: Homophobia, racism, sexism... the usual.
Favorite Artist: Makani.
Favorite Article of Clothing you own: Wedge-heel shoes.
At Least three pictures:

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