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Name: Kimia
Age: 15
Location: Los Angeles
Three words to describe yourself: funny, creative,
Top 10 Bands: the killers, incubus, weezer, bright eyes, green day, hot hot heat, jimmy eat world, nirvana, interpol, belle and sebastian
Top 10 Movies: garden state, grease, napoleon dynamite... sorry, i cant remember the rest.. and i have yet to see movies that i really want to.. like donnie darko, pulp fiction, etc
Your rolemodel and why: probably my mom beacuse of everything she has gone through and what she has become today
What do you believe in: trying to live in the moment, and not taking anything for granted
What dont you believe in: racism, any kind of discrimination
Favorite Artist:
Favorite Article of Clothing you own:
At Least three pictures

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