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Name: Mona
Age: 16
Location: Los Angeles
Three words to describe yourself: Funny, lazy, awsome
Top 10 Bands: My chemical romance, rilo kiley, hot hot heat, the beatles, blink 182, brand new, no doubt, ok go, the shins, the strokes
Top 10 Movies: Garden state, 3 ninjas, the sound of music, donnie darko, euro trip, the phantom of the opera, finding neverland, edward scissorhands, grease, cry baby
Your rolemodel and why: My uncle for being rich
What do you believe in: Having fun and laughing till you cry
What dont you believe in: Religion, jealousy
Favorite Artist: Rilo Kiley
Favorite Article of Clothing you own: My hot pink PJs
At Least three pictures:


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